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RCSP - Raven for Space Engineers

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Published by Venom415 (mod ID: 109703)



Hello everyone, I made this ship when planets were first released so the original description may sound a bit out of date lol

Welcome fellow space engineers to the Raven! With planets finally released not many of us have transportation to explore these new worlds safely, thankfully there is the Raven! It's a well armed transport ship with plenty of cargo space and is protected by one front gatling gun and a gatling turret on both sides that can be controlled by players inside the passenger area, all powered by three batteries and two small reactors. This ship is survival ready and DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY MODS so you can enjoy it on any server or world you go on!

The design of the Raven was based off of my childhood lego creations, I already made some of them in SE but others that were for planetary use weren't usable in SE. Hope you enjoy this ship as much as I do and have fun!




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NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Wonderfull ! And the Lego blueprint is magic !

Venom415 @venom415

Thank you :)

Chicken372265 @chicken372265

i love it but needs rockets like the wyrvern

Venom415 @venom415

could replace the cockpit and gatlings with cargo containers and rocket launchers ๐Ÿ‘

Chicken372265 @chicken372265

and ask jack if you can release RWI Ships as vanilla and am glad your childhood dream came true

Venom415 @venom415

Ive worked on many of those ships and I can tell you that a lot of them need the mods for their looks and weapons since the vanilla variants would look janky and not perform well. maybe keen will add vanilla versions of those mods later, hard to say ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

BloodyMari666 @bloodymari666

Not to cause concern but I feel like some of your other ships are missing :/

Venom415 @venom415

I am currently updating a few but Space Engineers has been acting up for months, Keen hasnt fixed an issue with PCs that use Ryzen CPUs and a lot of people including me are experiencing freezes that last 5-20 seconds that happen every 2-10 min. Progress is slow because of it, quite annoying when you have to stop and wait for the game to stop having a moment. I'll Try to get more up when I can ๐Ÿ‘