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RCSP - Langley Mk3 Helicarrier for Space Engineers

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Published by Venom415 (mod ID: 124962)



Welcome Everyone to the Langley Mk3! An update was long overdue for the Langley so I thought I should go all out and make it go above and beyond its older version; while still keeping the ability to walk anywhere to fix what is broken.



- 6 Gatling Turrets / 4 Missile Turrets / 8 Interior turrets / 2 Missile launchers
- 1 Large reactor / 14 Batteries / 2 Solar Panels
- 3 Hangars and 2 topside landing pads
- Directional Takeoff/Landing Lights

New Added Features:
- Interplanetary flight (sluggish in space but good in atmosphere).
- Pressurized rooms with air vents for space
- New DLC blocks (can be replaced with other blocks if you dont have the DLC's)
- Front and middle hangar along with a rear landing pad.
- An actual interior with a med bay and sleeping quarters
- Basic refineries and basic/normal assemblers (normal refinery couldn't fit)


Ship Info:

Blocks - 4,635
Grid mass - 2,995,774 kg


Getting Into Space Tips:

Before taking off you will need to make some modifications, on the top deck there are two indented armor blocks on each side of the runway, under the interior walls next to them is a conveyor block and you can place some hydrogen thrusters there (and ions anywhere else if you want for downwards thrust). I recommend switching a lot of the atmospheric thrusters out with ions if you plan on staying in space for a while, if you need to travel far you can retrofit two jump and/or two large hydrogen tanks in the middle or rear hangars.

The Langley may have a lot of hydrogen thrusters but she is still very heavy, to get into space you need to gain speed and raise the ships nose up by 45-60 degrees. Once you reach an altitude of 6000m you can try to tip the nose up some more but if you start to slow down then drop the nose a bit to stay at 100 m/s.
Every so often keep tipping it up until you are flying straight into space. You should have enough hydrogen for decending into atmosphere but I recommend finding some ice and filling up your hydrogen supplies.


I hope you all enjoy this new model!




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Possywagon69 @yokingzebra2071

Amazing creation, but it was too much for my xbox to handle, i couldn't even have a small battle with it

CyberDemon3108 @cyberdemon3108

Cant wait for Langley Mk4, i already have a good lanley Mk3, with 4 jump drives i can go 3,000+ km

AxisQc @axisqc

Where can I found it in game because it’s not a blueprint

Venom415 @venom415

AHHHH I goofed up, forgot to set it as a blueprint in the setup process, odd that it let me continue setting it up without selecting the blueprint option, should be fixed now.
My apologies.