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RCSP - Falcon Mk2 for Space Engineers

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Published by Venom415 (mod ID: 93910)



Welcome fellow engineers to the RCSP Falcon Mk II. This is a survival ready Fighter Jet that is able to do vertical takeoff and landings; and it comes equipped with the following:

- 4 Rocket Launchers
- 2 Gatling Turrets
- 2 Large Atmospheric Thrusters (hidden)
- 1 Large Reactor & 6 Small Batteries
- 1 O2/H2 Generator and 13 Small Hydrogen tanks

The Falcon relies on its two large atmospheric thrusters to make sharper turns; but remember not to turn too fast or you will lose speed.
Another note is that the hydrogen thrusters have a limited fuel time so only use the hydrogen thrusters when necessary. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Blocks: 954
Non-Armour Blocks: 109
PCU: 4,685
Mass: 54,834 Kg

19/03/2020 Update:
Recently small hydrogen tanks were added to the game so I have now added 13 tanks to the Falcon to be better suited for survival, as I warn before the fuel time is limited so use when you need it, enjoy!




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captainRex406 @captainrex406

Does it come with Liberation of Gracemaria on loop?

Venom415 @venom415

Sadly no, if only but for now just gotta use our imagination or spotify lol

jimbob0704 @jimbob0704

Mine doesn’t seem to have a battery and drops like a stone once I disconnect from the projector , I’ve built this 4 times now on xbox and the same problem each time

Venom415 @venom415

There are small batteries in it, check to see if they are recharging, or check the parts list to see if its even in the system and if its built or incomplete.

Nanolink08 @nanolink08

I had problems trying to dock it but then again the port on the base was off for som reason idk ill try again tomorrow

MikeyGibson @crazyminer848

i used this for inspiration for my fighter the hurricane
thx Venom

KazakiR1 @kazakir1

Not showing up on xbox

Venom415 @venom415

Try loading the new file, it should work. If not let me know.