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RCSP - Cerberus Battlecruiser for Space Engineers

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Published by Venom415 (mod ID: 94113)



Welcome engineers to the RCSP - Cerberus! This ship is medium sized Battlecruiser that is designed assist other ships in battle. Being the smaller brother of the RCSP - Exile this ship is light enough to battle in space or in lunar gravity!

Blocks: 5,987
Non armor Blocks: 1216
Mass: 4,403,209 Kg

-Mod Free

-The Cerberus has a Veritcal Drop Hangar design that allows 4 Mako Fighters to fly in an out of the ship and dock for repairs/refueling

-Hydrogen Thrusters to help fly in lunar gravity

-fully upgraded Refinery and assemblers to repair ships or make more ammo


The Cerberus and its fighters were Heavy redesigns of my old ship called the RCSP - Jericho and the little fighter that came with it (, I had so much fun redesigning my old design to work with all the new features we've gotten over the past few years and I cant wait to see what new things we get so I can make more ships!

hope you guys enjoy it!




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StealthXRAY @stealthxray

Hello. I believe someone has attempted to pass this blueprint off as their own. As a fellow creator, I thought I should contact you, and have you take a look into it. I myself have checked it out, and other than the different color, it appears to be the same. It may be a case of forgetting to put a proper disclaimership, putting links to the original, et cetera, but as someone who had their designs stolen before, I thought it would be prudent to inform you. I will include the URL to the page, where you can determine if you should overlook it, or file a report.


Have a good one.

Pilotman1648070587 @pilotman1648070587

Could you place a railgun in the bow?, or would that mess with the internals

Venom415 @venom415

I like to leave my ships the way they were if it was uploaded a long time ago, leave it as a museum piece to show what was possible in the game at that time. The beauty of this game is that if anyone wants to, they can add whatever they want to ships so im sure you can do that as well very easily.

SudsyBubbles1 @sudsybubbles1

Hello, any way we could chat privately about using your ships on my dedicated server?

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Really nice ship ! Awesome design and excellent interior.
Keyboard shortcuts work well, controller shortcuts would be cool !
Just a small detail, the scale of the font and the centering of the texts on doors lcds did not follow the transfer.

Lachyness @lachyness

Does it need a dlc?

Venom415 @venom415


EmpireGod @empiregod

Very Sci-fi design my bro I like it. # Inspiration!

FlareEK @flareek

Is this the Shadow Destroyer from Red Wood Universe?

[Admiral]-Apollo-UEE @hydrastorm171


BirbsWithBombs @birbswithbombs

One of my favorite all-time builds to play with. It's functional and it can take a beating. I blasted it quite a few times with an orbital gravity gun and it took it like a champ!

Ghosted_Fire @ghosted-fire

What is the pcu cost ?

RainySquash7703 @rainysquash7703

I’m wondering the same thing.

Bl4ckW01f19 @bl4ckw01f19

That’s good on the inside somewhat but need to work better on the shuttle Bay please

Venom415 @venom415

Given the space I had; and trying to keep the ships profile sleek, it takes some practice to get out but you can eventually get used to the entry and exit. I push the fighter down and to the left or right (depending on the hangar) a bit and then reverse.

ArcticUk9192 @arcticuk9192


Xxtompx @xxtompx

It looks great

ATLAS_Industries @superstars73

I really want to use this along with the phoenix class and the avalon class but for all 3 of them it says "blueprint file not found". How do I fix this?

Venom415 @venom415

Seems to be an issue on my end when I uploaded the files, try again and let me know what happens, thank you!