Space Engineers

Production Rover Spawns for Space Engineers

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Published by Killerwatz872 (mod ID: 2048685)



this mod adds one rover spawn option ( for now ) that works on all vanilla oxygen enabled planets
more will be added as it's completed.
this mod was created primarily for use on the production protocol server but may be used
for private worlds or other public servers as long as credit is given to the original mod creator and
original build artist.

Mod creator: Killerwatz872/[KiwiArmy]

Build Artist: Jobuandme


ppr.4.zip777.83kbStable 1.0.4

ppr.3.zip777.78kbStable 1.0.3

ppr.2.zip777.37kbStable 1.0.2

ppr.1.zip777.83kbStable 1.0.1

ppr.zip777.81kbStable 1.0.0


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