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The Pioneer is a "small" vehicle designed to act as a quick start (at least quicker than the standard dropping pod!) mobile base, so you can roam around a little until you find the perfect spot for your real base!
It is not meant for military use, it's totally defenseless, also i didn't tested in on multiplayer servers.
I used it extensively on Mars planet, with survival settings all set to "realistic", and didn't found any issues ... but probably it's not meant for hard terrain, like the alien planet, because it has low wheels.

Vertical drill, about 13m if fully deployed: Totally automated if you use Easy Automation 2.0, but you can also drill manually;
Ample storage for all your minerals! (3 large containers, 2 medium, plus 2 connectors and the cockpit);
Embedded survival kit and oxygen generator, all in an almost comfortable airtight space!
Stone and ice disposal to avoid wasting cargo space, they are deactivated by default since they can be useful in the beginning;
Powered by solar panels and hydrogen engines, wherever you are, you'll be able to keep running (at least for a little while);
Clear vision cockpit, coupled with TWO lights to actually see in the dark!

Make the mining and deploying script lighter and safer;
Add a gatling turret? (not sure it will be actually usefull, since the survival kit can't make gatling ammo)
Maybe making a completely EA free version?
Maybe paint it?

Only mod i used is Easy Automation 2.0 (, but it's not required.
If you want to use this blueprint without it, you can do the following:
1) Deactivate or delete the following blocks: EAConsole (it's an LCD block), EA Programmable Block, Timer Block DeployEA, Timer Block RetractEA, Timer Block Mining;
2) Then turn on the Timer Blocks: DeployStart NoEA, Deploy1 NoEA, Deploy2 NoEA, Deploy3 NoEA;
3) For a decent mining experience, you can then use the second hotbar while driving the vehicle: starting from 1 (the driller deploy sequence, it stutter a bit but is way better than having to do it manually) to 9 (the last piston that extends), be sure to let EACH ACTION COMPLETE before moving to the next!
4) You can then make the inverse sequence again to retract the drill and become mobile.

No DLC used!

Please let me know if you have any issues, any feedback is appreciated since this is my first public creation




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Dracandros @dracandros

I like it!

Dracandros @dracandros

I like the concept, it would be great if you would be able to create a Vanilla, modless version for Xbox/Crossplayer servers too.

Xadhoom13 @xadhoom13

It is already modless: Easy Automation is just a script, that you can load in experimental mode. If you run it in "safe" mode it will work anyways, but you will have some vanilla blocks (mostly timer) with EA in the name, you can replace or rename or destroy them freely... only issue is that i can't make an automated deploying and mining sequence (hence i written the manual one) using only vanilla block.

Actually, i could make it with a lot of timers (7 for the mining, and about 6 for deploying and retracting)... but i'm not sure it is worth it, i'll need a place where to place them and i fear it could get over complicated. But let me know if you NEED it :D

Xadhoom13 @xadhoom13

I had some issue with updating blueprints, you should have the correct and most recent one now. Please let me know if there are any problems