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Since the first flights through the unknown region, it has become clear that the efforts of Inquisitive alone are not enough to explore all the objects that have come under the control of the newly formed Consolidation. Given that the independent mining colonies that were previously under constant threat from the pirate barons did not have sufficient resources to build a large number of Inquisitive class ships, it was decided to build ships of smaller size and autonomy, but capable of exploring local territories in the area of their unloading. According to the idea, these ships were supposed to follow the Inquisitive after which, when finding the zones of interest by mother ship, were dispersed along them.
The half-completed Wanderer project, however, was frozen due to the escalation of the conflict in Border Worlds, and the subsequent military skirmishes with the organizations adjacent to the OPC territory completely rejected the priority of development, forcing it to give way to the projects of warships and stations. By the time the conflict with other organizations ended, the Consolidation decided to review the plans for conducting research missions and resumed work on the project. Thanks to its growing influence, a sharp increase in population, an industrial boom, and the strengthening of foreign trade, OPC decided to use the achievements of the Wanderer project to build a ship to replace the outdated Inquisitive.
The new ship received extended autonomy, a hangar for the GST reconnaissance transport and a small dock for the pathfinder drone. Using all their experience in ship design, the Consolidation engineers were able to fit almost all the necessary Inquisitive equipment into the new ship at a smaller size, which allows the Wanderer to be used as a field headquarters, mobile base or deep space exploration ship. This opportunity interested not only OPC leaders but also external buyers, so this model has gained its place in the export market.

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2 Intake air vents
Hangar for GST Tempest
Hangar for Pathfinder drone
Compatible with Wide Docking Port (WDP)
Custom Landing Gears with easy construction
Support Landing at all vanilla planets and moons
Integrated Turret Alarm v2
Animated bridge lightning
Survival Ready (requires manual completion of the landing gear)

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3.065 Large blocks
21.851 PCU
3 Cryopods
1 Min crew
3 Max crew
2 Dual H-69 Turbo Engine
3 Programmable blocks (2 Unused and 1 with TurretAlarm v2)
2 o2/h2 Generators
2 Survival Kit
8 Oxygem Farm
3 Gatling turrets
2 Assemblers
2 Basic Refinery
6 Large Hydrogen tanks
32 Small Hydrogen tanks
15 Oxygen tanks
5 Jump Drives (up to 5359 km per jump)
6 Large cargo containers

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How to set the landing gear?
1) Add 2 blast door edge with edge face to bottom
2) Add Hinge with white strip on side to bottom
3) Add Landing gear to the hinge head
4) Set hinge velocity to 1.5 rpm, lower limit -65 and upper limit -45, torques 1000 MNm
5) Add hinge to the block group with name "Hinges LG F 2"
6) Repeat with the second landing gear

1) Add 1 blast door edge with edge face to bottom
2) Add Hinge with white strip on side to bottom
3) Add Landing gear to the hinge head
4) Set hinge velocity to 2 rpm, lower limit -58 and upper limit 0, torques 1000 MNm
5) Add hinge to the block group with name "Hinges LG R 2"
6) Repeat with the second landing gear

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GST Tempest

User Posted Image
Plutonium for pathfinder drone and help with building

I really want to hear your opinion about the ship, ideas for future models, or feedback about OPC in general!





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Thank you for this awesome ship looking forward to seeing more