Space Engineers

Olympus Command Dreadnought for Space Engineers

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Published by COMMANDOBOYS (mod ID: 137799)


Coming in at over 100 blocks long this behemoth of a ship is able to take on the biggest of enemy ships and win, It’s first role is command ship / dreadnought while also operating as a super carrier, it has a huge hanger at the front of the ship for a dozen fighters, two large shuttle bays at the middle side of the ship and an orbital drop pod bay in the back bottom of the ship, This allows the Olympus to take on many roles, including assaulting a space station or planetary base with shuttles and drop pods, attacking an enemy fleet or commanding a friendly battle group, it’s CIC can be used to control a battle group or as a secondary bridge, it has very strong armour and so can sit in the middle of a battle and soak up damage while is impressive weapons deal out huge damage to enemy ships while it’s fighters chase down fleeing ships, it is the perfect command ship for any faction and is not to be messed with. This ship is best escorted by my Tyrant Destroyer and Farragut Strike Cruiser

Not capable of atmospheric flight

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