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OID - Atlantis EN - 001 - Nebula Class for Space Engineers

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Oasis Interstellar Division Presents : O.I.D Atlantis – Nebula Class
The Nebula Class is a third generation exploration cruiser designed and built by the Oasis Interstellar Division. The O.I.D Atlantis – EN 001 is the first of her kind (excluding the prototype : Nebula – PN 000) and was first out of twenty Nebula Classes to be launched from the Orion Shipyards. Its was first launched on April 12th 2745. The Atlantis was named after the first Earth Colony Ship Atlantis, the first colony ship to reach the planet of Oasis. Like the exploration cruisers that came before it, the Atlantis was designed to discover new planets and new life forms to help advance the expansion of the Oasis colony worlds as well as providing new scientific knowledge for O.I.D scientists. The Nebula Class is also designed to operate outside of space dock for at least ten years thanks to its onboard systems and hanger bay to help replenish its supplies.

The Nebula Class is not designed for long term combat, however it can defend itself well enough to escape such situations. Though the Nebula Class cannot fly in atmosphere it does come equipped with an Aero Shuttle which can both operate in space and in atmosphere.

Nebula Class Statistics
PCU : 112,275
Blocks : 26,275
Weight : 16,342,

Defensive Systems

12 Gatling Turrets
10 Missile Turrets
8 Rocket Launches

Propulsion (Sublight and FTL)

Manevour Engines : Ion Thrusters
Primary Propulsion : Hydrogen Thrusters
Jump Drive Distance : 1422km

Production Systems

8 Oxygen Farms
48 O2 Generators
4 Refineries
3 Assemblers
4 Ore Detectors
Lots of Cargo Space

Power Systems

3 Large Reactors
8 Small Reactors
12 Hydrogen Engines
43 Batteries (AUX Power)


12 Oxygen Tanks
32 Hydrogen Tanks

Docking Systems

Docking Ports (Port and Starboard)
Merge Docking Ports (Port and Starboard)
Hanger Bay with Docking Port




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