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OCI F-119 White Reaper for Space Engineers

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Published by Viper260YwC0aywnKyb (mod ID: 1063403)


The OCI White Reaper is a Top line fighter, that has many advantages over its counterparts, firstly it has advanced avionics giving it an edge over all other fighters, and its speed, the OCI White Reaper is the scourge of pirates and lawbreakers alike, Also incorporating advanced decoy systems or ADS the white reaper can stay somewhat hidden from the enemy, and packs a punch when being engaged, with two centerline mounted Gatling guns the White Reaper strikes with tenacity and vigor, and two concealed missile bays the white reaper is truly the harbinger of death.


OCI is a large corporate conglomerate that focuses on combat, making top of the line fighters, weapons and ships, OCI manufactures a majority of the weapons that are in service to the Centaurian Republic Navy, and it's allies. Specializing in fighters, and other small vehicles. OCI is one of the larger corporate conglomerates that manufactures weapons, and as such has more experience in making good looking, and well performing machines. The White Reaper is one of these many machines, that has proven its worth in combat, not hunting alone but in packs, fast moving wolf packs that can strike without warning, and be gone in a flash.

So sadly, since I couldn't find a sufficient mod, for the missiles, the bays will be empty, when the new SE update comes out I will post an updated version, which should hopefully work better, in the meantime I hope all of you enjoy this fighter as much as I have, Thanks!!!




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SDI-StarKnight @fire2117

Beautiful Viper, simply beautiful

Viper260YwC0aywnKyb @viper260ywc0aywnkyb

thanks so much!!