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NWF Snow-Class Moon Landing Small Shuttle for Space Engineers

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Created by FireFly128 (mod ID: 96076)


This is the NWF Snow-Class Moon Landing Small Shuttle.

This small(light) shuttle is designed for observation and moon or asteroid landing objectives - therefore has no combat capabilities. This shuttle is made from light armour blocks; the deck within the shuttle can be fully pressurised and it offers plenty of shape for additional objects.

This ship is my own creation and the NWF stand for New World's Front. The NWFN can also be used with the extra N standing for Navy.

The ship furthermore has no other deck than a Command Deck, which has only one control seat - this however can be changed. For this reason the ship is not designed for long journeys, but designed more towards deployment from a larger craft.

The floors of the decks are towards the main ion thruster.

This creation also uses no payed DLC Content packs.

The shuttle has handing gear for moon and asteroid landing, however no ladder for decent from the craft - this can be changed.

This creation was made on the Xbox One Beta.

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Need to Knows.

The connector on the piston is just for docking with stations and other ships and for transferring O2, it is not for transporting items.

This craft also has no reactor.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy and please check out my other NWF creations.

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