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NTC - Romeo Delta Base for Space Engineers

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Neuro Tech. Corporation

Research & Development

Workshop Space Base

rd workshop description

The Romeo Delta Base is an asteroid underground workshop on 4 levels with hangars, replenishment station and a 4x9x11 blocks 3D printer.

A sorting system including the collection of ores and ice, improved refineries and assemblers, ores and components storage and separate supply connectors for ships.

Everything you need to design small and medium-sized ships or test others.

Or to prepare for war or destroy everything ...

100% Xbox One Made

No scripts, no mods, use of DLCs


  • Blocks : 19886
  • PCU : 80120
  • Mass : Static base



(Airlock system to prevent O2 loss.)

All doors (except the secret garden door) close automatically after you path through.

Entrance hall with cafeteria serving the different areas of the base

  • Medical bay including an infirmary, a scanner room and an operating room.
  • Cryo. chambers bay (8).
  • Dormitory (6 beds).
  • Officer quarters with a secret garden.
  • Control room (Hangar doors, missile turrets, CCTV system).
  • Thrusters laboratory.
  • H2/O2 storage area.
  • Nuclear reactor area.
  • Batteries room.
  • Antenna maintenance and tools storage area.

Not pressurized

  • 1 large hangar bay and 2 medium.
  • 2 elevators to serve 3 levels (large stairs for 4th lvl).
  • 3D printer station.
  • Replenishment station (Uranium / H2O2 / Ammunition).
  • Large dock station with ores and ice collectors.
  • Storage area with sorting system.
  • Refinery station (2 upgraded refineries).
  • Factory station (3 upgraded assemblers).
  • H2/O2 station (3 H2/O2 generators).
  • Automated hangar doors for owner and friendly ships.


Two large areas serving the various hangars and logistics points.

Hangar Alpha

hangars 1

With the 3D Printer Station on LVL -2 :

The Romeo Delta base is equipped with a 3d printer with a print volume of 4 blocks high, 9 blocks wide and 11 blocks deep.

Note that the hangar doors are also 4 blocks high and 9 blocks wide.

3d printer 1 3d printer 2

Enter inside the Printer Control Station and open the "control panel" to select the "Projector 3D Printer" in the grid blocks list to select a blueprint.

D-pad and keyboard shortcuts will help you to set the projection on the right position.

Quick demonstration :

The 3D printer welder wall can also be used has a small damage repairing wall.

D-Pad and keyboard shortcuts user manual

D-Pad :

Up = 1

---------------------------------- Left = 4 ------------------ Right = 2 -----------------------------

Down = 3

D-pad :


  • 1. Camera Front Projector ---------------- VIEW
  • 2. Projector Pistons ----------------------- REVERSE
  • 3. Projector ------------------------------- ON/OFF
  • 4. Welders -------------------------------- ON/OFF


  • 1. Up setting Camera --------------------- VIEW
  • 2. --------------------------------------------------
  • 3. Projector ------------------------------- KEEP PROJECTION ON/OFF
  • 4. --------------------------------------------------


  • 1. Projector Offset ------------------------- Decrease Forward
  • 2. Projector Offset ------------------------- Increase Horizontal
  • 3. Projector Offset ------------------------- Increase Forward
  • 4. Projector Offset ------------------------- Decrease Horizontal


  • 1. Projector Offset ------------------------- Decrease Vertical
  • 2. Projector Offset ------------------------- Decrease Pitch
  • 3. Projector Offset ------------------------- Increase Vertical
  • 4. Projector Offset ------------------------- Increase Pitch


  • 1. Projector Offset ------------------------- Increase Yaw
  • 2. Projector Offset ------------------------- Decrease Roll
  • 3. Projector Offset ------------------------- Decrease Yaw
  • 4. Projector Offset ------------------------- Increase Roll

Keyboard :


  • 1. Camera Front Projector ---------------- VIEW
  • 2. Welders -------------------------------- ON/OFF
  • 3. Projector Pistons ----------------------- REVERSE
  • 4. Projector ------------------------------- ON/OFF
  • 5. ----------------------------------------------------------
  • 6. Up setting Camera --------------------- VIEW
  • 7. ----------------------------------------------------------
  • 8. Projector Offset ------------------------- Decrease Forward
  • 9. Projector Offset ------------------------- Increase Horizontal


  • 1. Projector Offset ------------------------- Decrease Horizontal
  • 2. Projector Offset ------------------------- Increase Horizontal
  • 3. ----------------------------------------------------------
  • 4. Projector Offset ------------------------- Decrease Vertical
  • 5. Projector Offset ------------------------- Increase Vertical
  • 6. ----------------------------------------------------------
  • 7. Projector Offset ------------------------- Increase Pitch
  • 8. Projector Offset ------------------------- Decrease Pitch
  • 9. ----------------------------------------------------------


  • 1. Projector Offset ------------------------- Increase Yaw
  • 2. Projector Offset ------------------------- Decrease Yaw
  • 3. ----------------------------------------------------------
  • 4. Projector Offset ------------------------- Increase Roll
  • 5. Projector Offset ------------------------- Decrease Roll
  • 6. ----------------------------------------------------------
  • 7. ----------------------------------------------------------
  • 8. ----------------------------------------------------------
  • 9. ----------------------------------------------------------

Hangars Bravo and Charlie

hangars 2

With the replenishment station on LVL -2 :

You can refuel your vessels there thanks to the vertical and horizontal connectors.

Each provides a resource defined by a color code.

RED : Ammunition, BLUE : H2/O2, GREEN : Uranium Ingots.

old school 3


The different levels of the base are served by two elevators.

Automatic door opening and locking system, if the elevator is not on your floor, press the button to call the elevator and wait.

Lvl 0 To go to Lvl -1

lvl 0

Lvl -1 To go to Lvl 0 or lvl -2

lvl  1

Lvl -2 To go to Lvl -1

lvl  2 2

Lvl 1 External Dock.

11 12 2020 12 02 01 hm0kwjqw

The outer dock is where you can unload the ice or precious minerals that you have harvested.

Equipped with 3 connectors on the floor, two on the ceiling and two horizontal, the external dock can connect different types of designs.

dock connectors 2 dock connectors

All these connectors are connected to the storage area (Lvl 0) which will sort ice from ores.


The ice container is connected to the H2 / O2 generator station which supplies H2 and 02 to the fluid storage station and to the various medical stations on the base.

h2 02 generator

At the entrance of the storage area you will find the Refineries and the assemblers (Lvl 0).


refineries factory

You can switch ON/OFF the refineries if you want to store ores.

The refined ingots will go to the ingots container which is connected to the factory station (assemblers).

When using the assembler, it will always show that it is lacking in resources as it has to tap into the ingot container.

refinery buttons

The plant's production is also sorted and sent in separate containers.

Components / Ammunition / Weapons-Tools and Bottles

The Base (Lvl 0)

exterior hall

The entrance to the base is pressurized by an airlock. Press the button to open and close the doors. Please wait for the doors to open automatically to save oxygen.

The large hall is the hub of the base, a place of meeting and relaxation, it serves the different wings of the base.

hall principal

Nuclear reactor, batteries room, H2/O2 tanks room and storage wing.

The nuclear reactor can be manually turned ON/OFF if required

nuc rea on nuc reactor off

In the batteries room, you can individually switch the two batteries groups to recharge or automatic mode.

batt  room batt  room 2

Note that if you turn off the nuclear reactor and put both sets of batteries on charge, the base will no longer be supplied with electricity. There are 4 small batteries left in the security cameras which will temporarily provide emergency lighting.*

*. Error discovered during the first publication of the base by a visiting engineer (BondableGnat227) and I finally keep it because I don't want to bother with that and in the end it's pretty cool ! ...

H2/O2 tanks room

h2o2 room 2 h2o2 room 4

In the this room you can enable or disable hydrogen stockpile mode.

h2 control panel h2 control buttons

In the storage room you will find everything a good engineer needs, an access to the battery room and an airlock leading to the base antenna maintenance duct.

maint  1 maint   chemine

Medical bay, Cryo. chambers room, crew dormitory and Officer quarters wing.

The medical bay is equipped with an infirmary, a scanner room and a surgical operating room.

med bay 1

The scanner room and the operating room doors open and close automatically for hygienic reasons.

or 3 or 2

The Cryo. chambers room can accommodate 8 Space Engineers in long term cryogenic state.

cryo room 1

The dormitory is equipped with 6 beds allowing the rotation of 18 personnel divided into 3 teams.

2 Bathrooms.

dorm 2 dorm 1

The Officer quarters is for the Officer. You have to visit the base to visit it.

Control room and thrusters laboratory wing.

The thrusters laboratory is a place of research and development, it allows to study the damage produced on the blocks of the different thrusters

thrust lab 1

Thanks to the control panel you can activate and deactivate the different groups of thrusters and depressurize or pressurize the experiment chamber.

thrust lab 2 thrust lab 3

Unfortunately the game does not take into account the fact that the experiment chamber is pressurized or not and this will have no influence on the thrusters. Atmospheric thrusters cannot work but the structure around the thrust exhaust is suitable for atmospheric construction.

---------- Control Room ----------

control room

The control room is a nerve center of the base, it gives access to the three manual control posts of the missile turrets, the CCTV station and the hangar doors control cabin corridor.

control room 1 control hangars

Hangar doors control cabin corridor.

control hangar

Hangar doors control cabin.

door a inside

The two hangar doors open automatically upon detection of a friendly ship. You will have to open manually to let a non-ship life form or a neutral ship visitor pass.

door a door a open

From the cabin, you can control the interior and exterior cameras of the hangar doors as well as their opening and closing. You can also reverse the angle of the entrance spotlights.

door b rd workshop description 1


Inspirations and thanks

Thanks :

Mad-Catcher 's " Odyssey community - Pictures request "

Love the Starship Troopers screens and the radar radius !


A lot of useful LCD screens !

Technomorphic 's " Screen Art Pack "

Really nice screens, and the most important, an user manual to understand how it works !

SoulStorm™ 's MONOSPACE

All the " Unofficial Space Engineers " Club community for there "likes", comments and inspiration.

Inspirations :

MIKEGLIVE 's Starter Base +2 •MRG•

Awesome starter base with Weyland-Yutani style !

My 3D printing station is almost a copy and paste of his.

Brohammerinc 's {Deluxe Starter Base}

and Splitsie's Sorting System

Really interesting base and features ! The sorting system helped me a lot to make mine.

butcherboytoma's James Dobson

There is a wonderful cascade on this map that inspired me the secret garden and the "piece of Earth", other fantastic structure to visit on it !

PostMortalForm 's asteroid base.

He didn't published it but I saw a clip of it that inspired me the stone embedded in the hangar structure.

He made some really nice rooms and corridors with embedded ice and lights effects.

Kubel83 's engine core from his Alien Torrens ship project.

Not yet on the workshop but he published a clip on the "Unofficial Space Engineers" club on Xbox in which he used the new exhaust pipe to make sparks on his engine core that inspired me the sparks when the nuclear reactor is activated.

An engineer disappeared during the construction of the base, can you find him?

(no modification needed to find it)

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Viper260YwC0aywnKyb @viper260ywc0aywnkyb

looks amazing

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Thank you!

SmallDegen @smalldegen

i can tell so much attention went into making this, just the sheer presentation of it all.

honestly how you're not workin for big KSH..

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Thank you very much buddy! Much appreciated!
Ha ha, if they offer me a designer job, I sign up right away!

Beargawn @beargawn

is this a Server side modded base or just something a person could build with a blueprint?

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Hi fellow engineer !
Indeed, it is not a printable or spawnable blueprint, it is a saved world.
No mods and no Experimental mode needed, I've built it in survival with creative tools activated.
To visit it, after subscribing you have to open " New Game " in the game main menu and go to the " Workshop " page (penultimate page on the right in the horizontal scrolling selection.)

DarthFugue @darthfugue

That could explain why I wasn't able to find this on MOD.IO (through my Xbox): It's a Workshop Scenario!

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Yes, it is not a blueprint but the file of a world.
It's not really a scenario, there are a few Easter-eggs to find but nothing is scripted.
The same goes for the Zenith Zeta base.

DarthFugue @darthfugue


Welch9o4 @welch9o4

Great work

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Thx a lot WCO engineer !
I was starting to despair in terms of engineers comments !
The description is probably too long lol !