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NTC - M.E.P.S Oxymore for Space Engineers

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Neuro Tech. Corporation

Multi Environment Prospector Ship

" Oxymore "

"Oxymore" is the French word for "Oxymoron" (usual plural oxymorons, more rarely oxymora) is a rhetorical device that uses an ostensible self-contradiction to illustrate a rhetorical point or to reveal a paradox.

exterior 4

The Oxymore is a medium exploration and prospection ship, able to fly in atmosphere and space (Earth, Moon, Mars and Space Approved).

Lightly armed, it is able to defend itself but it is not a combat ship.

Pressurized and equipped with a large ore detector.

Please, have a look to the D-Pad Shortcuts User Manual before trying to fly it.


  • Blocks : 16713
  • PCU : 54835
  • Mass : 700 t.
  • 2 Crew Members (A pilot and a co-pilot)


  • Full Atmospheric, Hydrogen and Ion Thrusters (Separate groups).
  • Dorsal Connector and Merge Block.
  • Large Ore Detector.
  • Antenna, Remote Control with Cameras
  • Retractable Landing Gear.
  • Elevator.
  • 2 Gatling Turrets and 8 Gatling Guns.
  • 2 Cryo Chambers.

Features :

Cockpit Displays

The Oxymore's Pilot and Co-Pilot Seats are equipped with LCDs to display some important information while you are piloting.


The Pilot Seat displays the Thrusters, Landing Gear and Connector Hatch status.

pilot 1 pilot 3

When you activate the Gatling Guns, a retractable display will come in front of your eyes as the Gatling Guns raise up.

pilot 4 gat gun

The Co-Pilot Seat displays the Nuclear Reactors, the Ore Detector and the Batteries mode status.

Like the Pilot Seat, a retractable display will rotate if you raise the Gatling Guns.

co pilot 3 co pilot 1

Locking Doors

The Oxymore's Cockpit and Cryo. Room doors can be locked from the inside for more safety.

When the doors are locked, a red light appears. In the opposite, a green one appears when doors are unlocked.

Switch the red buttons to lock/unlock the doors.

Cockpit :

airlocks 2 airlocks 1

Cryo. Room :

airlocks 8 airlocks 7


The Oxymore is equipped with a manual airlock system (Useful in survival mode but in creative mode it doesn't has really interest because the Oxygen Tank is full and the Air Vents cant refill it.)

The Airlock pressure is displayed on the screen up the doors and with a flash light in the Cryo Room.

Use the yellow switch to pressurize or depressurize the Airlock.

airlocks 3 airlocks 5

airlocks 9 airlocks 6

Ventral Elevator

The only way to enter the Oxymore is its own elevator.

Use the external red button to call/summon the elevator.

From the inside of the elevator you can either go up or down (the main deck) or turn on/off external lights.

exterior ventral 2

exterior grounded 5 elevator

Cryogenic Room

The Oxymore can keep two crew members in long term cryogenic state.

In this room you will also find some lockers with the classic Engineer equipment.

cryo room cryo room 2

Retractable Gatling Guns

The Oxymore is equipped with 8 deployable Gatling Guns hidden in the wings.

gat gun

exterior 4 exterior 5


The Oxymore is equipped with Retractable Landing Gear.


NTC advise you to be careful when you attempt to land the Oxymore with his Landing Gear.

NTC declines all responsibility if the Pilot is a nag and don't know how to land smoothly.


Due to Clang God (playing creative and survival without experimental mode) the NTC advise you to never lock the magnetic Landing Gear on ground or anything else.

NTC declines all responsibility if you do. The Oxymore Landing Gear are there just to maintain the ship on feet while you are landed and thrusters OFF on a gravitational object. On asteroids you will have to keep the Ion Thrusters ON.


In the Pilot Seat you can deploy or retract them, be careful to use the right Button for the action you want.

Raise : D-Pad : UP or Keyboard 6 ----- Deploy D-Pad : DOWN or keyboard 7

NTC declines all responsibility if you miss click !

(You can fix it by switching the timers blocks but most of the time if you press the wrong button it's better to load a back save...)

No more problem since 3rd update.

The landing gear system has been simplified to deploy and retract with a single button (5 timer block loop).

D-Pad & Keyboard

Shortcuts Manual

D-Pad :

Up = 1
---------------------------------- Left = 4 ------------------ Right = 2 -----------------------------
Down = 3

Pilot Seat

The Pilot Seat allowed you to control the Oxymore. Has the Pilot Seat can rotate (D-Pad Down) it can't control the ship directly, you have to enter in the "Remote Control" mode by pressing UP on your D-Pad.

As you enter in the control system you will be able to switch type of propulsion on Alpha Shortcuts, raise or retract the Landing Gear, Open/Close the Connector Hatch on Bravo Shortcuts and activate the Gatling Guns and the Ore Detector on Charlie Shortcuts, all that displayed on the cockpit screens.

pilot 2

Pilot Seat :

D-pad :

  • 1. Remote Control ----------------------- CONTROL
  • 2. ----------------------------------------------------
  • 3. Timer Block Pilot Seat ----------------- TRIGGER NOW
  • 4. ----------------------------------------------------

Keyboard :

  • 1. Timer Block Pilot Seat ----------------- TRIGGER NOW
  • 2. Remote Control ----------------------- CONTROL

Pilot Seat Remote Control :

D-pad :


  • 1. Hydrogen Thrusters ------------------- ON/OFF
  • 2. Atmospheric Thrusters ---------------- ON/OFF
  • 3. Timer Block Pilot Seat ----------------- TRIGGER NOW
  • 4. Ion Thrusters -------------------------- ON/OFF


  • 1. Landing Gear Deploy/Retract -------- TRIGGER NOW
  • 2. Connector Hatch Timer Block -------- TRIGGER NOW
  • 3. ------------------------------------------------
  • 4. Connector Camera -------------------- VIEW


  • 1. Gatling Guns Timer Block ------------- TRIGGER NOW
  • 2. Antennas ------------------------------ ON/OFF
  • 3. Gatling Guns -------------------------- BLOCK WEAPON
  • 4. Ore Detector -------------------------- ON/OFF


  • 1. Camera Front Fin ---------------------- VIEW
  • 2. Sidelights group ----------------------- ON/OFF
  • 3. Camera Stern Fin ---------------------- VIEW
  • 4. Merge Block --------------------------- ON/OFF

Keyboard :


  • 1. Timer Block Pilot Seat ----------------- TRIGGER NOW
  • 2. Ion Thrusters -------------------------- ON/OFF
  • 3. Hydrogen Thrusters ------------------- ON/OFF
  • 4. Atmospheric Thrusters ---------------- ON/OFF
  • 5. ----------------------------------------------------------
  • 6. Landing Gear Deploy/Retract -------- TRIGGER NOW
  • 7. ----------------------------------------------------------
  • 8. Connector Camera -------------------- VIEW
  • 9. Connector Hatch Timer Block -------- TRIGGER NOW


  • 1. Gatling Guns Timer Block ------------- TRIGGER NOW
  • 2. Gatling Guns -------------------------- BLOCK WEAPON
  • 3. Ore Detector -------------------------- ON/OFF
  • 4. Antennas ------------------------------ ON/OFF
  • 5. ----------------------------------------------------------
  • 6. Sidelights group ----------------------- ON/OFF
  • 7. Merge Block --------------------------- ON/OFF
  • 8. Camera Front Cockpit ----------------- VIEW
  • 9. Camera Front Fin ---------------------- VIEW

Co-Pilot Seat

The Co-Pilot Seat not allowed you to control the ship but it's the only place to control the Energy Systems by switching ON/OFF all the Nuclear Reactors and switching the Batteries Recharge Mode. It will be displayed on your screens as if you activate the ore detector.

On this seat you can also control the Gatling Guns and the Connector Hatch and have access to the cameras.

co pilot 1

D-pad :


  • 1. Nuclear Reactors Group -------------- ON/OFF
  • 2. Connector Hatch Timer Block -------- TRIGGER NOW
  • 3. Batteries Group ----------------------- RECHARGE/AUTO
  • 4. Connector Camera -------------------- VIEW


  • 1. Gatling Guns Timer Block ------------- TRIGGER NOW
  • 2. Camera Front Cockpit ----------------- VIEW
  • 3. Gatling Guns -------------------------- BLOCK WEAPON
  • 4. Ore Detector -------------------------- ON/OFF


  • 1. Camera Front Fin ---------------------- VIEW
  • 2. Antennas ------------------------------ ON/OFF
  • 3. Camera Stern Fin ---------------------- VIEW
  • 4. -------------------------------------------------

Keyboard :


  • 1. Gatling Guns Timer Block ------------- TRIGGER NOW
  • 2. Gatling Guns -------------------------- BLOCK WEAPON
  • 3. Camera Front Fin ---------------------- VIEW
  • 4. Camera Front Cockpit ----------------- VIEW
  • 5. -------------------------------------------------
  • 6. Connector Camera -------------------- VIEW
  • 7. Connector Hatch Timer Block -------- TRIGGER NOW
  • 8. Camera Stern Fin ---------------------- VIEW
  • 9. -------------------------------------------------


  • 1. Nuclear Reactors Group -------------- ON/OFF
  • 2. Batteries Group ----------------------- RECHARGE/AUTO
  • 3. -------------------------------------------------
  • 4. Ore Detector -------------------------- ON/OFF
  • 5. -------------------------------------------------
  • 6. Antennas ------------------------------ ON/OFF
  • 7. -------------------------------------------------
  • 8. -------------------------------------------------
  • 9. -------------------------------------------------

Creative Spawn Tip

The Oxymore is a big small grid ship, it will take some time to load when you select it in the workshop.

When the blueprint appears you will not see the ship but the green line blueprint thing.

Here is the right position to spawn the Oxymore, especially if you spawn it on Earth :

to spawn it 2 to spawn it 1


Inspirations and thanks

Thanks :

Mad-Catcher for the " Odyssey community - Pictures request "

Love the Starship Troopers screens and the radar radius !

themonsterisme for the " MONSTERS MEGA LCD SCREEN ART PACK "

A lot of useful LCD screens !

Technomorphic for the " Screen Art Pack "

Really nice screens, and the most important, an user manual to understand how it works !

KiritoKunXa for his quick answers on the French Space Engineers Discord.

All the " Unofficial Space Engineers " Club community for there likes and comments.

Inspirations :

Mad-Catcher 's PA-E22 Diplomate

This ship is the one who inspired me the Oxymore at the origin.

Particularly his beautiful glass cockpit and the fact that it's a pressurized small grid.

PixelDefience 's ISS Sting ray V2

Really nice designed ship, nice interior.

Mikeism426 's USCSS Proteus

Nice glass ******* and design.

xIJadenJIx 's Small Grid 9790

Inspiration of the retractable Gatling Guns

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KageDeamon @kagedeamon

just wish it didnt have the whole 'hard to control subgrid' deal, beautiful shipit just likes to change the direction( roll and pitch and sometimes even yaw) all on its own.

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Thank you dear fellow engineer!
Yes I understand what you mean, this ship is getting old and it's more of a demo concept than a game ship.

DODGECHASE @dodgechase

Yet another awesome design great build!!

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Thank you Engineer!
It is one of my first ships on this scale,
It is starting to age a bit, the more I look at it, the more I want to give it a makeover.

Zero791 @zero791

Admittedly a very new SE player. On Xbox, I assembled the Oxymore via a very large projector. Two different times, the pilot seat did not appear and the elevator did not build as seen in the pictures. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Hello fellow engineer!
Sorry for responding so late, I have no comments notifications on my designs!

You're not doing anything wrong, it's just impossible to project sub-grids, a lack in the game that I hope will one day be added.
The Oxymoron is full of sub-grids, I designed it for survival but unfortunately it is not printable.
The best if you want to use it in survival is to activate the creative tools to make it appear (I know, it's not roleplay at all ...).

Please feel free to send me a PM if you have any further questions!

AtLASGaming8265 @atlasgaming8265

I tried to fly it on Earth planet, wouldn't come a nanometer off the ground and a door was missing because I don't have the SOF dlc.

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Sorry engineer, I should mention it in the description but this build needs the SoF DLC, the Ion and Atmo thrusters are from it.

AgentDoubleD @agentdoubled

jump drive would be nice

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Yep ! I have a jump ring for it on my project list ! That's why it have a merge block next to the dorsal connector ! Thx for the advise !

PostMortalForm @postmortalform

Finally got around to checking this out and its an aesthetic masterpiece. Every tiny little detail is exquisitely crafted, I can really see the great care and attention you have given to this build. Very impressive ๐Ÿ†

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Thx a lot Mortal !

GaWdSmAcKjR @gawdsmackjr

Awesome, though i don't have the latest dlc luckily the ship doesn't fall apart when spawend

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Thx ! Cool information for the vanilla spawn, but where did you spawned it ? Mars or the Moon ? Because without the dlc it should spawn with just the hydrogen thrusters.

GaWdSmAcKjR @gawdsmackjr


NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Ha ! I think I did not understand you first comment lol, I thought you spawn it on a gravity environment and the Oxymore was flying without Ion and atmo thrusters ! Sorry for the misunderstood, English is not my foreign language ! Thx again for the feedback Engineer ! Fly safe !

LincolnOSirus24 @lincolnosirus24

Awesome ship great details on everything loved the rotating cockpit chair thumbs up lol

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Thx Sirus !

FlareEK @flareek

For xbox, by the xbox

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

He he !