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NTC - H.E.P.S.S Eunectes for Space Engineers

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Neuro Tech. Corporation

Heavy Escort & Patrol Space Ship


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Eunectes is the scientific name derived from ancient Greek to define the family of snakes in which the Anaconda is found.

The Eunectes silhouette is "inspired" by the Elite Dangerous Anaconda.

The Eunectes is a heavy space ship.

Intended for escorting a space command ship or for space patrol missions.

Space only.

DLCs used : Deco Blocks 1, Deco Blocks 2, Frostbite, Sparks of the future.

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Survival Ready :

Except for printing because of the sub grids and its size, but everything is connected, recharged and can be recharged.

You will need to use the admin tool to paste it in survival mode.

eunectes front view


  • Large grid (2 Small Sub grids)

  • Blocks : 11984

  • PCU : 67300

  • Mass : 9 450 t.


  • Bow Rocket Launchers System (RLS) 7 Front Rocket Launchers.

  • 12 Missile Turrets

  • 27 Gatling Turrets

  • 22 Interior Turrets

  • Bridge and secondary bridge in an Operation Center.

  • Medical bay.

  • Cryogenics crew and passengers chambers bay (10).

  • Storage area with a sorting system.

  • O2/H2 generators control room.

  • Jump drives room.

  • Reactors control room.

  • 2 Luxury cabins for the crew.

D-Pad and Keyboard Shortcuts User Manual

eunectes operation center

D-pad :

d pad 2


  • 1. Camera Bow ----------------------------- VIEW

  • 2. ION Thrusters ---------------------------- ON/OFF

  • 3. Rocket Launchers System --------------- ON/OFF

  • 4. HYDROGEN Thrusters ------------------- ON/OFF


  • 1. Camera Bridge --------------------------- VIEW

  • 2. Gatling Turrets Group ------------------- ON/OFF

  • 3. Rocket Launchers ------------------------ BLOCK WEAPON

  • 4. Missile Turrets Group -------------------- ON/OFF


  • 1. Jump Drive ------------------------------- JUMP

  • 2. Jump Drives Group ---------------------- INCREASE JUMP RANGE

  • 3. Jump Drives Group ---------------------- ON/OFF

  • 4. Jump Drives Group ---------------------- DECREASE JUMP RANGE


  • 1. Camera Landing Pad -------------------- VIEW

  • 2. Landing Pad Approach Lights ---------- ON/OFF

  • 3. Camera Stern ---------------------------- VIEW

  • 4. Landing Pad Lights ---------------------- ON/OFF


  • 1. Docking System ------------------------- ON/OFF

  • 2. Camera Docking Starboard ------------- VIEW

  • 3. Connector Stern ------------------------- SWITCH LOCK

  • 4. Camera Docking Port ------------------- VIEW


  • 1. Nuclear Reactors ------------------------ ON/OFF

  • 2. Batteries Group Starboard -------------- RECHARGE ON/OFF

  • 3. Antenna --------------------------------- ON/OFF

  • 4. Batteries Group Port -------------------- RECHARGE ON/OFF


  • 1. Aeronautical Sidelights ----------------- ON/OFF

  • 2. Combat Mode -------------------------- OFF

  • 3. External Lights -------------------------- ON/OFF

  • 4. Combat Mode -------------------------- ON


  • 1. Maintenance Projector ----------------- ON/OFF

  • 2. Nightlight Mode ----------------------- ON

  • 3. Gravity Generator ---------------------- ON/OFF

  • 4. Daylight Mode ------------------------- ON

Keyboard :


  • 1. HYDROGEN Thrusters ------------------- ON/OFF

  • 2. ION Thrusters ---------------------------- ON/OFF

  • 3. Rocket Launchers ------------------------ BLOCK WEAPON

  • 4. Rocket Launchers System --------------- ON/OFF

  • 5. --------------------------------------------------------------

  • 6. Camera Bow ----------------------------- VIEW

  • 7. Camera Bridge --------------------------- VIEW

  • 8. Missile Turrets Group -------------------- ON/OFF

  • 9. Gatling Turrets Group ------------------- ON/OFF


  • 1. Jump Drive ------------------------------- JUMP

  • 2. Jump Drives Group ---------------------- DECREASE JUMP RANGE

  • 3. Jump Drives Group ---------------------- INCREASE JUMP RANGE

  • 4. Jump Drives Group ---------------------- ON/OFF

  • 5. --------------------------------------------------------------

  • 6. Nuclear Reactors ------------------------ ON/OFF

  • 7. Batteries Group Port -------------------- RECHARGE ON/OFF

  • 8. Batteries Group Starboard -------------- RECHARGE ON/OFF

  • 9. Gravity Generator ---------------------- ON/OFF


  • 1. Camera Stern ---------------------------- VIEW

  • 2. Docking System ------------------------- ON/OFF

  • 3. Camera Docking Port ------------------- VIEW

  • 4. Camera Docking Starboard ------------- VIEW

  • 5. Connector Stern ------------------------- SWITCH LOCK

  • 6. --------------------------------------------------------------

  • 7. Camera Landing Pad -------------------- VIEW

  • 8. Landing Pad Lights ---------------------- ON/OFF

  • 9. Landing Pad Approach Lights ---------- ON/OFF


  • 1. Combat Mode -------------------------- ON

  • 2. Combat Mode -------------------------- OFF

  • 3. --------------------------------------------------------------

  • 4. Daylight Mode ------------------------- ON

  • 5. Nightlight Mode ----------------------- ON

  • 6. --------------------------------------------------------------

  • 7. Aeronautical Sidelights ----------------- ON/OFF

  • 8. External Lights -------------------------- ON/OFF

  • 9. Antenna --------------------------------- ON/OFF

eunectes alast 1 eunectes xaphan 3

Inspirations :

COMMANDOBOYS 's ICP - Farragut Strike Cruiser

Venom415 's RCSP - Exile Battlecruiser

TVZLuigi123 's Orang Iron Industries

Really nice enterprise !


Mad-Catcher 's " Odyssey community - Pictures request "


Technomorphic 's " Screen Art Pack "

YouTube development playlist :

ntc original logo

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dAnkestbOi21508 @dankestboi21508

do any of you know that railguns have replaced the rocket launchers?

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Indeed fellow Engineer, I updated it 10 days ago, it's now the 1.3 version.
You can consult the list of changes by clicking on the small folder icon (changelog) just above in the list of the different updates.
If you want to use the previous version with the missile launchers you have to manually download the version 1.2 file and create a new blueprint in which you copy the plan.

blackomega9609 @blackomega9609

How difficult would It be to retrofit this this for interplanetary use? Or maybe you already have one like that?

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Hi fellow engineer ! Sorry for the late answer, I had not seen your comment, I did not receive a notification, weird !
Making it interplanetary should not be too hard but to keep it "survival ready" that would be another story, the autonomy in hydrogen would be really reduced or it would be necessary to completely change its design.
A few weeks ago I was working on an interplanetary frigate but I'm taking a little break, I will resume later, I'm on other stuff !

blackomega9609 @blackomega9609

Frigate? Mind throwing the link to me? If you've uploaded it that is

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Sorry buddy but I don't share my development projects blueprints, you can have a preview of the project in this playlist if you want :

santangelo2008 @santangelo2008

Thx for these ships neuro im gonna go cause mass MURDER in a server

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

You're welcome engineer Angelo !
It's my pleasure !

santangelo2008 @santangelo2008

Another death ship this definitely going to be fun CAUSING MASS MURDER IN A SERVER

Welch9o4 @welch9o4

I will have to see this

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

I can only recommend it to you ! Hope you'll enjoy !

TORGMASTER @torgmaster

hey man this is absolutly amazing, i like the Atarax stile, the neuro Stile sorry, i want to see more good ships my Friend, ah you know that now the two workshops have been established on the PC, at least inside the game I wanted to ask you if I could bring your Builts to Steam, I'll do this with mine and if you give me permission to add mods on your builts, thank you.

really beautiful stè Ships !!!

Good boy


NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Hi TorgMaster !
Thank you very much for the compliments, I'm glad you like it !
Thank you for the transfer proposal to the steam workshop, you are not the first to ask me and I answer each time that I prefer to keep the complete intellectual property of my creations.
It's likely that one of these days I'll buy myself a better PC and transfer them myself, although since is now available to PC gamers I don't see the need for it ?
As for the modification and modding of the blueprint, as I mentioned in the description everyone has the right to do it but not to publish publicly.
I hope that my negative answer will not affect our relationship, I appreciate your presence and your energy in the SE community !
Fly safe Master !

DemonKing666241 @thatjdmfanboy

Use modded guns less pcu 😊

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Of course I know !
But I prefer to publish vanilla blueprints, I would not have the courage to update my blueprints if the mods are not updated after a Keen game update.
You can modify it as long as you publish it privately !
Fly safe !

Jackflaps1586983677 @jackflaps1586983677

nice to see it up dude, looks awesome :)

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Thx engineer !