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NTC - D.S.Shuttle Xaphan for Space Engineers

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Neuro Tech. Corporation

Dropship Space Shuttle

" Xaphan "

xaph update cavalire 2

The Xaphan is a space shuttle dropship.

Lightly armed but effective, it is used in ship or station crew transfers and offensive boarding missions.

SotF DLC used. No scripts. No mods.

xaph side

Survival Ready :

Cabin and Cockpit pressurized with an airlock system.

All systems are connected with conveyors and sorters (for ammunition's containers) to the ventral connector.

Emergency nuclear reactor loading from the cockpit up and behind the control seat.

Hydrogen, Oxygen bottles, Engineer Gear and Datapads Manuals in the cockpit control seat.

Each passenger seat contains Oxygen and Hydrogen bottles as well as combat equipment.

Cannot be fully projected due to subgrids; survival use requires pasting the ship into the world.

Maintenance Projector switched off on delivery to reduce the impact on PCU (+3955 PCU when ON).


  • Small Grid
  • Blocks : 4168
  • PCU : 16500 ( 20455 with Maintenance Projection )
  • Mass : 147 t. 300 Kg.
  • 1 Pilot
  • 8 Passengers


  • 6 Gatling Guns
  • 1 Gatling Turret
  • Full Ion Thrusters.
  • Ventral Connector.
  • Antenna, Remote Control with Cameras.
  • Retractable Landing Gear.
  • Retractable access ramp.
  • Retractable seat belts for passengers.
  • Maintenance Projector.

Features :

Cockpit Displays

The Xaphan's Pilot seat is equipped with LCDs to display some important information while you are piloting.

xaph update cockpit displays 2 xaph update cockpit displays 1

Airlock System

The Xaphan's cockpit is always pressurized and the door automatically close when someone pass through.

Conversely the passenger cabin can be manually depressurized and pressurized with the buttons near the airlock door and in the cockpit.

Cabin airlock button in the cockpit with a red flashing light activated when the cabin is depressurized.

cockpit buttons 2

Airlock button inside and outside the cabin.

airlock ramp airlock cabin

Seat Belts System

The Xaphan ensures the safety of its passengers during transport thanks to safety harnesses.

Can be activated from the buttons at the ends of the cabin or from the cockpit controls (D-pad : Bravo 3).

"Open" -------------------------------------- " Closed"

xaph update cabin belts 2 xaph update cabin belts 1

Access Ramp

To enter in the Xaphan you will have to press the button up the ramp, a light will switch on when you approach the button.

When the ramp is deployed, stern lights come on to illuminate surroundings.

ramp exterior button ramp exterior

The access ramp can also be activated from a button on the airlock door and from the cockpit controls (D-pad : Delta 3 Keyboard III. 2) and you can watch it by camera (D-pad : Delta 1 Keyboard III.1)

D-Pad and Keyboard Shortcuts User Manual

( Data Pads inside Control Seat )

D-Pad :

d pad 2

D-Pad :


  • 1. Block Weapon Gatling Guns ---------- ON/OFF
  • 2. Gatling Turret ------------------------- CONTROL
  • 3. Ion Thrusters -------------------------- ON/OFF
  • 4. Gatling Turret ------------------------- ON/OFF


  • 1. Connector Camera -------------------- VIEW
  • 2. Landing Gear -------------------------- SWITCH LOCK
  • 3. Connector Light ---------------------- ON/OFF
  • 4. Landing Gear -------------------------- DEPLOY/RETRACT


  • 1. Cabin Camera ------------------------- VIEW
  • 2. Cabin Airlock -------------------------- CYCLE
  • 3. Camera Front -------------------------- VIEW
  • 4. Cabin Belts ----------------------------- UP/DOWN


  • 1. Camera Ramp --------------------------- VIEW
  • 2. Sidelights -------------------------------- ON/OFF
  • 3. Ramp ------------------------------------ UP/DOWN
  • 4. Antenna --------------------------------- ON/OFF


  • 1. Batteries --------------------------------- RECHARGE/AUTO
  • 2. Oxygen Tanks --------------------------- STOCKPILE ON/OFF
  • 3. Nuclear Reactors ------------------------ ON/OFF
  • 4. Maintenance Projector ------------------ ON/OFF

Keyboard :


  • 1. Block Weapon Gatling Guns ---------- ON/OFF
  • 2. Gatling Turret ------------------------- CONTROL
  • 3. Gatling Turret ------------------------- ON/OFF
  • 4. ----------------------------------------------------
  • 5. Ion Thrusters -------------------------- ON/OFF
  • 6. Batteries ------------------------------- RECHARGE/AUTO
  • 7. Nuclear Reactors ---------------------- ON/OFF
  • 8. Oxygen Tanks ------------------------- STOCKPILE ON/OFF
  • 9. Antenna ------------------------------- ON/OFF


  • 1. Connector Camera -------------------- VIEW
  • 2. Connector Light ----------------------- ON/OFF
  • 3. Landing Gear -------------------------- DEPLOY/RETRACT
  • 4. Landing Gear -------------------------- SWITCH LOCK
  • 5. ----------------------------------------------------
  • 6. Cabin Camera ------------------------- VIEW
  • 7. Cabin Belts ----------------------------- UP/DOWN
  • 8. Cabin Airlock -------------------------- CYCLE
  • 9. ----------------------------------------------------


  • 1. Camera Ramp --------------------------- VIEW
  • 2. Ramp ------------------------------------ UP/DOWN
  • 3. ------------------------------------------------------
  • 4. Camera Front ---------------------------- VIEW
  • 5. Sidelights -------------------------------- ON/OFF
  • 6. Maintenance Projector ------------------ ON/OFF

Xaphan's updates

Interplanetary Brother

cavalire 1

ntc original logo



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DODGECHASE @dodgechase

Great design, great set up, thx neuro tec!!!

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

You're welcome fellow Engineer!
Thank you for the compliments!

GIN-TEC @gin-tech-designs

i was on a server that allowed me to be a pilot to this in a set of 3 we had onboard our ship and i named mine "Spicy Gypsy" we ran a bunch of combat drops on a server event and this ship did a really good job and its designed inmind of keeping the passengers safe as can be we did 9 combat drops with this thing and he cut the seats out and turned this into a smuggler ship till we got shot down but survived thank you for this awesome design keep up the great work !!!

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Thx a lot for this awesome report engineer soldier Ging3r !

Izzak=iR= @izzakir

interplanétaire Relay COMPAGNIE serait intéressé pour rajouter ce vaisseau à notre flotte pour le transport de passagers.

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

La NTC accepte avec plaisir si vous arrivez à maîtriser les radiations interdimentionelles qui séparent nos dimentions !

Welch9o4 @welch9o4

I love the design everything about it. It's got any unique simple exterior, with a vast and greatly designed interior. Definitely will play with. WCO approved 👍👍👍👍

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

The NTC Enginneers thanks all the WCO Engineers for the approvment !

GaWdSmAcKjR @gawdsmackjr

Awesome use of the letter block underscore, and the fact that you added actually working seat belts is even cooler, also it like a hybrid between the HALO 1 Lifeboat and a pelican.

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Thx Engineer !