Space Engineers

Nordheimer420 (Mobile Colony Ship) for Space Engineers

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Published by xXxNordicalsxXx (mod ID: 472563)


A fully furnished Mobile Colony ship great for starting and experienced players alike. Tested on and off planet with thruster damage on. The server i play on has a boosted inventory size so i was carrying 8million + KG in 2 large cargo containers plus a handfull of small cargo containers. Still has lots of room for upgrades or modifications. Has a huge 10 Large Hydrogen UP Thruster package to handle large loads on and off planet. My decorating skills arent the best but it has a fully furnished mess hall and cryo chamber room with a snazzy flight room and a decent defense system mostly to help vs. Player attacks with smaller ships. It is by no means a battle ship as much as it is a pick up everything and get in and out quickly Mobile Base. Special Thanks to @X DOC Hades Rage

3401 Blocks,4 Jump Drives able to Carry 8million+ KG over 1000 km.,Able to travel on and off planet,5 Refineries full Yield Mod,4 Assemblers full speed Mod, 3 Large Reactors, 16 Batteries, 6 Hydrogen Tanks, 10 H2/02 Generators




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