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Nesferiti Light Frigate for Space Engineers

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Published by SilverViperZULU (mod ID: 1733949)



The first DOA faction ship i am now releasing to the public and is custom made using the same style i have used for other DOA ships

for those who dont know DOA is a personal faction i have set for my survival worlds and pretty much non of those ships ever get to ***** since theyre more personal use only

The Nesferiti Light Frigate is built with combat and redundancy in mind thus most vitals systems and nearly all the turrets have a self repair system set up

some heavy armor blocks are located in the more vital areas that get hit the most by other enemy vessels


  • blocks: 9301
  • PCU: 72982
  • Turrets: 33
  • Mass: 6,555,837 Kg
  • idle power: 4 days
  • 2 landing pads
  • 2 side docking ports
  • earth like atmospheric capable
  • combat effectiveness: moderate
  • forward armament present
  • 2 detachable single use decoys
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