Space Engineers

(M.V.C) IMPULSE personal atmo aircraft (OLD) for Space Engineers

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Published by ZmANzlAsher (mod ID: 514606)


#1 is the landing gear lock

#2 is Gear down

#3 is gear up

#4/5 is headlights/taillights


this creation was made in the beta version of the game and uses the frostbite DLC hinges... a lot... but with that out of the way, it is a vinilla creation, if the landing gear gets messed up, land and look for the issue, more than likely you can just reverse the pistions/hinged/rotors to fix it. unless CLANG himself decieded to kill the craft.

Never the less thanks for the download. hope yall enjoy.


Another note. Would not recommend using the dampiners while it is locked. The spirit of clang will take the craft to it's death.




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NeuroSplash @neurosplash

Nice ship design ! The retractable landing gears are interesting ! I advise you to update the blueprint activating the dampeners, I've had some difficulties to spawn it without damages on earth like. Thumb up !

ZmANzlAsher @zmanzlasher

I'll update it when I get the time, I've made it a bit more survival friendly. As well as some more utilitie parts.

NeuroSplash @neurosplash

Cool ! I will have a look when I can !