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-Monster-King's- Star Wars Bits for Space Engineers

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Published by skingnet (mod ID: 1401962)



-Monster-King's- Star Wars Bits is a very ambitious project, as such this is only the first phase being released.

Currently under development, please let us know if you notice a problem not listed below. This is a very active Work In Progress (WIP).

New Thrusters:
Gemon Mk1: 1x1x1 - 2x2x2 - 3x3x3 - 4x4x4 - 5x5x5 - small and large grid
Gemon Mk2: 5x5x1 - 7x7x2 - 9x9x2 - large grid
Gemon Mk3: 5x5x6 - 7x7x9 - large grid
Gemon Mk4: 9x9x11 - large grid
Gemon Mk5: 13x13x17 - large grid
All Gemons have flames in 4 colors: Blue, Amber, Red & Purple

Repulsor Lifts: 1x1 - 2x2 - small and large grid
Repulsor Banks: 1x2 - 2x4 - large grid
TIE Fighter Repulsor Lift: 1x1 with custom sounds - authentic Tie sounds plus (thanks to my wife's suggestion) alligator roars and hisses combined to give the TIE a 'strain' sound!

New Blocks:
Hyperdrive Class 1 - large grid
Hyperdrive Class 2 - small and large grid

All with authentic sounds from the Millenium Falcon's hyperdrive

Re-added the 5.56x45mm NATO magazine blueprint for interior turrets (accidently removed by Keen)

No part of this mod may be used in any other mod without the consent of skingnet or themonsterisme


First of all to my partner in crime TheMonterIsMe and his modelling marvels... None of this now (or anything like this you have ever seen in the game before) would have been possible without you bud! To Maddious for his knowledge and wisdom from surfing these parts before and helping us solve the toughest of problems, all the loyal guns on SE Discord who fired off and answered our questions over the past several weeks, my wife for her suggestion to engineer Alligator sounds to enhance the Tie Fighter sound and all of you who support us with your kind words of support and feedback of what works (and what doesn't)! -sKingNet


11/29/2021 - Added Class1 hyperdrive to small grid and shifted hyperdrives to one side of block so they can be mounted on the wall now!

Also removed all vanilla tweaks and put them in their own modpacks: Monster-King's Star Wars Vanilla Buffs and Monster-King's Star Wars Buffs & Nerfs

11/28/2021 - Removed Skybox and speed changes due to lag reported on older consoles - server owners can decide what speed they want by using King's 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x & 10x server friendly speed mods - Skybox is now in it's own mod 'Monster-King's-Star Wars Rishi Maze' Skybox.


2x2 and 4x4 thrusters do not mirror correctly, will be addressed later... for now turn off mirroring when using double block center thrusters (even number of blocks wide)... Single block centers: 1x1, 3x3, 5x5, etc should be fine for mirroring.

Console loading into server issues? Clear your reserve data, hard-reset your console, try again... If it still is not working dm me or monster and we will work with you.

We intentionally removed Hydrogen thrusters from the modpack and repurposed the sound channel for the Tie Fighter and ultimately the Gemon engines...(not implemented yet) If you'd rather include natural hydrogen engine sounds than have these sounds you need to install my King's Tiered Hydros mod ahead of this to nerf the sound changes of this modpack and give you hydrogen thrusters in your world that sound right again.













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FlareEK @flareek

Great job to both of y'all! Can't wait to see what comes next.

skingnet @skingnet

Thank you Flare! Took a break for a couple a months, trying to get back into it now... :)

MaritimeDuke528 @maritimeduke528

I agree with flare's comment

Wolf1969 @wolf1969

Excellent mod, here's my showcase on just part of it: looking forward to how this one progresses!

skingnet @skingnet

Thank you so much for doing that!! :) The modpack has been updated since your vid, we put the skybox that was featured (without the tagged Death Star) into it's own mod 'Monster-King's Rishi Maze Skybox' and removed the speed boost. This way server owners and individuals alike can dictate their own look and feel by including their favorite speed mods and skybox.

Wolf1969 @wolf1969

Nice! Good changes, definitely liked your speed boosts but I can see why you did it!

Also, feel free to drop that info on the comments of the YT chan. Really can't wait to see what you cook up next!