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Minnisatt Imperial Transport for Space Engineers

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Published by Holland82212 (mod ID: 1342002)


The Minnisatt Imperial Transport is an early rendition of the Lambda Class Shuttle.

A lighter more agile and less armored version to it's predecessor, this version generally served as a local patrol craft or troop lander to nearby outposts or capital ships along with fighter escorts. Therefore no hyperspace capability (I downloaded the mini jump drive and forgot to add it on...possible version later)

It has 3 laser cannons at it defences and can hold up to 4 crew and 2 pilots. The cabin is fully pressurized and survival ready with a survival kit, weapon locker and storage.

It is powered by 2 large reactors and 4 banks of batteries in each of it's stabilizer fins.

This is my rendition of the Imperial shuttle in my survival series.

I hope you enjoy!


AQD - Reinforced Windows
Interface Block
Re-balanced Star Wars Weapons




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