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Mars Explorer for Space Engineers

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Mars Explorer

The Mars Explorer is a rover I created from salvaged components to enable me to search across the Martian landscape for the site to establish Ares Colony. It was designed to be a versatile survival vehicle for long duration unsupported trips.

General Information:

  • 50000km beacon and antenna
  • 1.00MWh battery, 500kWh Hydrogen Engine
  • gas storage 2x 15000L Hydrogen; O2/H2 Generator
  • on-board Survival Kit, fully conveyor integrated
  • 2x 3375Ltr medium cargo container
  • extendable drill arm for sub-surface ore recovery
  • ore detection, stone ejection system
  • turret mount (defensive) gatling gun, can fire 600rpm 25x138 NATO ammo

Misc/Other Info:

  • this was designed for use with ‘Daily Needs’ mod, there are two small cargo containers positioned where water recycler and emergency ration maker are placed in my play through.


Ares Colony

Hello Space Engineers and welcome to Ares Colony! This is the second season of my journey though the Space Engineers universe, having completed the first season on the Earth-Like planet of Hephaestus Prime. Come join me as I attempt to survive the challenges the red planet throws at me, eventually heading into orbit, the Europa moon, in preparation for travelling onwards to distant worlds. YouTube link: Ares Colony Playlist




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