Space Engineers

MAC Cannon Heavy Armor for Space Engineers

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Published by DARKxASSASSIN22 (mod ID: 98752)


This is the MAC cannon from my Mini MAC Heavy Battlestation.

I uploaded this in case anyone wanted to either attach it to their ship or build a ship around it.

All of its parts are fully calibrated and in working order. It was test fired before being published.

This weapon is fully automated and fully conveyored.

To operate, make sure the "Fire" block is in the D pad hotbar. "Fire" will start a 2 second timer to trigger "Reload", which starts a timer to trigger "Finished Reload"

All gravity generators are set up to only cover the cannon itself.

As I always say, make sure no other sources of gravity are in the range of the barrel of the MAC, specifically, the area where the bullet is. Any other gravity can cause the bullet to turn when it fires, potentially destroying the welders or main merge block of the cannon.

I hope you all enjoy this standalone weapon system. Let me know if you have any trouble with it, as i would be happy to help.

My gamertag is DARKxASSASSIN22




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