Space Engineers

Longbow Class Light Frigate for Space Engineers

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Published by JMUrich (mod ID: 821154)


The Longbow Class is a Light Frigate in use by the Order of the Black Sun, a shadowy religious faction hailing from the edges of known space. The Longbow Class is designed for longer range combat and improved agility. This ship often operates in battle groups.

The Longbow Class has 3 decks: CIC, Cryogenics & Crew Quarters, Ready Room & Engineering


- 1 Main Railgun (Piston jolt gun made by Major Jon)

- 4 Rocket Pods

- 5 Gatling Turrets

- 2 Rocket Turrets

- 23 PDCs

Other Features:

- Refinery and Assembler

- Turret Auto Repair System

- Atmosphere Capable

This ship uses mods but they can be replaced with vanilla blocks with ease, will require more vanilla thrust for atmosphere.


- Flare’s Tiered Hydrogen Thrust

- Assault Weapons Pack




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