Space Engineers

Lite Stryker for Space Engineers

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Published by AceOrange231803 (mod ID: 145797)


The savior to all combat problems, bombs, whos got em? The Stryker series, nothing like bombing to wake up the enemy.

The Stryker series is a new breed and design I will be experimenting and continuing for a while, the connectors hold the bombs that have a thruster in the back to assist with staying on target. After detached the bombs can be remotely controled by any grid that isn't a Lite Stryker and has the ability to control other grids like the mighty Warbird. After the bombs are dropped, the Lite Stryker is used as a VTOL jet to support ground troops. The lit Stryker is a ground pounder, no base, no pillbox, no rover, no large ship is safe from its deviating bombs.

I am new to building and through my new Stryker series I aim to improve myself as a builder and improve your satisfaction and enjoyment as you destroy and cause havoc throughtout your game.




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