Space Engineers

LFW Reconnaissance Raptor Buggy for Space Engineers

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Published by LongFangWolf (mod ID: 98781)


This is something I randomly threw together the name I made up on the spot so apologies if the name doesn't fit the vehicle welcome to suggestions

The vehicle has 4 pistons to lift it up so if needed you can make repairs underneath or change things

It has 2 forward facing Gatling guns and 1 Gatling turret at the top

1 h202 generator

2 batteries and 2 small batteries

1 medium cargo container and 2 small

1 Spotlight at the front

There is 5 seats which if you don't know have there are in carrying capacity obviously one of them is the driver seat

And a connector at the back

And if you wish to turn it into a drone there is already a remote control block




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