Space Engineers

LFW LongFang Base MK1 for Space Engineers

Released . Ranked 337 of 3,673 with 57 (2 today) downloads

Created by LongFangWolf (mod ID: 96044)


Assembler with 1 Speed module and 3 power efficiency modules

Refinery with 3 yield modules and 1 power efficiency module

1 hydrogen tank

2 oxygen tanks

1 large cargo container you could extend the base if you wanted to add more

2 small cargo containers

1 decoy on the left side of the base and 1 on the right

3 Gatling turrets bout hooked up to the main system so they will need to be manually reloaded

7 solar panels

2 connectors on the landing pad

6 batteries

1 survival kit

1 h202 generator

And on the roof there is a spot light on a rotor




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