Space Engineers

LFW Hulk Cargo Hauler Transporter (NO DLC) for Space Engineers

Released . Ranked 158 of 3,668 with 164 (5 today) downloads

Created by LongFangWolf (mod ID: 96034)


If this thing could carry more it would be carrying your team its bigger because it's black

10 large cargo containers

16 medium cargo containers

4 h202 generators

1 hydrogen tank

45 small batteries

1 rear camera

2 connectors

(Note) the cockpit used isn't the one you are meant to use it is meant to be the industrial cockpit but since that is DLC and I'm making this during the beta that is not an option I will be releasing a second version of this when the full game is out with the DLC cockpit and a DLC skin

I also wish to point out that somebody released a similar version of this not long ago but unfortunately I was unable to upload my version of it due to bugs in the game but otherwise this would have been released first however my version does have upgrades compared to the default one that was uploaded by another

This truck is a military grade cargo hauler based on the Hemtt

(Inspired and credit to dragon nation gaming)




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