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LFW (NEW) CargoTruck Mk2+Scorpion Miner (NO DLC) for Space Engineers

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Created by LongFangWolf (mod ID: 96033)


This is the updated version of the MK2 there will be both DLC and no DLC versions of this this is the no DLC version

It has 5 medium cargo containers plus an extra medium cargo container on the Scorpion

Two batteries on the cargo truck plus 3 batteries on the miner

It has 4 pistons so you can make repairs or add stuff underneath

And it comes equipped with an extra seat on other side along with the driver sea and the Miners driver's seat makes 4

It also has construction panels on each side and faction panels on each side so you can represent your faction if you wish

Even if you aren't going to use the truck I highly recommend giving the miner a go

The previous MK2 has been taken down this version will stay up until the full game is out at that time things might change in the cockpit area as I do not have a general idea of how big the DLC cockpit is

If you're looking for a good alternative to this truck with more cargo space I suggest checking out (mining hauler and mining ship) the author of that design is (CamelBadger90)

(Inspired by splitsie)




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