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Koleopt'Air PA-E22 Diplomate for Space Engineers

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Published by Mad-Catcher (mod ID: 97082)



The PA-E22 is a civilian space transport ship.
Semi-printable blueprint. See the warning section to know more.
Survival compatible.
Not for mass-producing.

/!\ Warning /!\

Before using the freshly built door, check actions in timer blocks. If some are greyed:

Note: TB -> Timer block
- Buttons for doors (2 inside, 2 outside):

  1. TB "Door TB" - trigger now.
  2. Nothing else

- Button depressurize:

  1. TB "Air vent TB" - trigger now.
  2. Nothing else

- TB "Air TB":

  1. Air Vent Room depressurize - on/off
  2. Air Vent sound block - on/off
  3. Air Vent sound block - play
  4. Air Vent corner light - on/off.

- TB "Door TB":

  1. Merge block Door on/off
  2. Door rotor attach
  3. Door piston reverse
  4. PAE22 Door lights on/off.

- Sensor:

  1. Door rotor attach
  2. Door rotor detach.


  • Released: 30 March 2113
  • Manufacturer: Koleopt'Air
  • Type: Transport
  • Origin: Earth
  • Unit cost: 2.500.000 UC
  • Number built: 10.

SE Specifications

  • PCU: 7096
  • Blocks: 1589
  • Weight: 82.9t
  • Health: 1 survival kit, 1 cryo pod
  • Powerplant: 1 nuclear reactor (off), 4 battery, 3 hydrogen engines (off)
  • Oxygen: 1 oxygen generator, 1 oxygen tank
  • Hydrogen: 2 hydrogen tanks
  • Cargo: 2 medium container
  • Size (large blocks):
    Width: 4
    Length: 9
    Height: 3
  • Crew: 2 pilots and 2 passengers.
  • Weapons: 2 Gatling guns and 2 Gatling turret.


  • Pressurized cabin
  • Impervous door
  • Hydrogen and ion thrusters

Technical information

  • Need correct pilot skills to land this ship.
  • To fill oxygen bottles, access the oxygen tank from the nuclear reactor.
  • This ship can be used on planets, but is more viable on space and moons.
  • Front thrusters are separated from other thrusters in controls bars. To fly at full speed without losing speed and altitude, deactivate front thrusters. Don't forget to reactivate them !
  • The door is almost stable and impervious. The warning inside can be ignored but stills a remaining that our great lord Clang is always here.
  • The pressurization system is separated from the door system. In multiplayer, don't use it.


          ^           ^          ^          ^          ^         
         [1]         [5]        [9]        [13]       [17]         
LS+A <[2]   [3]> <[6]   [7]> <[10][11]> <[14][15]> <[18][19]> LS+B
         [4]         [8]        [12]       [16]       [20]         
          V           V          V          V          V         


  1. 1->9
  2. 10->18
  3. 19->27

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Redfed6969 @redfed6969

How do i refull it

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

One of my favorite Mad-Catcher's medium ship design !

Mad-Catcher @mad-catcher


NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Excellent update !
Everything works well with d-pad and keyboard shortcuts !
I am always impressed by this pressurized ship cabin with merge block and pistons ! If I could put a second thumb up I would !

Mad-Catcher @mad-catcher

Thank you!

NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Great update, nicer and nicer!

Mad-Catcher @mad-catcher

Thank you!

yaelmokarzel117 @yaelmokarzel117

Hey, I forgot to say you about the generator conection, never connect with small connectors with medium ones, because they do not receive any resources when using it in survival, it does not really connect, in real case you must use medium connectors or in this use o2 / h2 generators so that are perfectly connected

Mad-Catcher @mad-catcher

Resources have two sizes: big and small. Big items cannot pass through small conveyors, while both can pass through big conveyors. This is why in the technical information part I gave the location of the oxygen tank to refill oxygen bottles, which are big items.
Also the H2/O2 generator require a good amount of power, which is off by default to save power. Use it only when needed.

To refill oxygen/hydrogen bottles:
Oxygen: access the oxygen tank behind the cryopod.
Hydrogen: access the hydrogen tanks from above using the ladder.

Geomancer09 @geomancer09

Very awesome build you must have very smart brain to create such a masterpiece i may remix it to have bigger interior but i will not repost or publish it as i want people to see your work not my added content and also just out of respect but if some how it was to appear on mod io please notify me on xbox gamertag is Geomancer09 with a flaming G :)

Mad-Catcher @mad-catcher

Thanks! I really like when people build new designs from scratch

WacoWater @wacowater

I love this ship! It's really fun to fly