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Knossos Subspace Portal - Freespace 2 Replica for Space Engineers

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Published by Indrasil (mod ID: 99263)


UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU REMOVE ANY BLOCKS! The modules WILL disconnect and drift away at best, or cause an unspeakable mayhem at worst. Unless you want that. Be my guest then, I guess.

Setup instructions

  1. You have to come to a complete stop before pasting it in, otherwise it will drift away and crash horribly, eventually. Ignore the warning - it's working as intended.
  2. It can still manage to throw one ring away from the other so just use the Others tab in the Trash Removal menu in the Admin Screen (Alt + F10) to stop all the grids.
  3. Check if each of their respective centers of mass overlap - they are in the middle of each ring. Use the Info tab in the Terminal.
  4. If you find your sim speed hindered, just save the game, and restart the world. It should be back to 1.0.
  5. (optional) If you want to stop the portal, turn the Grav Gens off on both of the rings.
  6. (optional) Before you turn the antennae off, make sure you sorted everything else out. If you still wanted to tinker with the portal once you've done that, you have to get to the entry points to one of each ring's modules. You don't have to enter - accessing the terminal at the door suffices.

The main purpose of the Knossos is to serve as a beautiful machinima prop. It comes from an amazing space fighter sim classic Freespace 2 which I absolutely compel you to play. Thanks to the aptly named Knossos custom campaign launcher, it stays relevant to this day.

It's survival-ready but only as a paste-in. Thanks to a healthy stack of uranium-powered reactors it can last for 625 real-life hours. The concealed entrances provide a way to replenish the used up fuel.


  • Scale: 1:5
  • Inner diameter: 775m
  • Total blocks: 32,964
  • Total PCU: 77,692
  • Standby time: 625h

Skybox: Nebular 93 by Ashura




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