Space Engineers

ISL - Mara RO-54 Survival Truck for Space Engineers

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Published by Spite9 (mod ID: 474798)


DISCLAIMER: These ships/rovers are designed for PC, with scripts. they will work without them, but some functionality (eg. advanced wheel control, automated mining and shuttle routes, etc.) and fancy LCD readouts will be missing.


A small four-wheel truck with just the necessities for survival; an O2H2 generator, ore detector, survival kit & batteries, as well as two power sources; a solar panel and hydrogen engine.


This vehicle is still considered "printable," as there is only one sub-grid, consisting of one hinge head. After printing, using a set up such as this one, simply place and weld it up as seen in the screenshot.

This truck is compatible with the following Trailers:
1. V.M.E Mobile Autocannon Trailer
2. V.M.E Single-Axle Survival Trailer
3. ISL - Gatling Turret Trailer
4. ISL - Missile Turret Trailer
5. ISL - Solar Recharge Trailer
6. ISL - Light Cargo Trailer
7. ISL - Hydrogen Storage Trailer
8. ISL - Survival Kit Trailer
9. ISL - Ore Detector Trailer
10. ISL - Medium Cargo Trailer
11. ISL - Medium Survival Trailer
12. ISL - Medium Solar Recharge Trailer
13. ISL - Medium Hydrogen Storage Trailer
14. [AGI] ST-65 Survival Trailer

However the vehicle will struggle with the Medium Cargo Trailer or Medium survival trailer if their containers are loaded.

1 Large Batteries
7 Small Batteries
1 Hydrogen Generator
1 Hydrogen Engine
1 Solar Panel

Movement & Control:
1 Cockpit
1 Remote Control
1 Gyroscope
4 Wheels (3x3)

Cargo Space
Survival Kit

2 cameras - Front, rear
1 Ore Detector
2 Spotlights
Repair Projector

This ship has an empty mass of 12803 kgs.

All toolbars are the same from the cockpit and remote control.

All ships, vehicles & trailers in this set have a rear mounted Merge block and can be printed using a welder wall with one (large grid) piston. However in this case the merge block is designed to be ground down after printing, all blocks that require removal are painted bright red.


Toolbar 1 - Wheels & Connectors
1. Wheel Power Down
2. Wheel Power Up
3. Wheel Friction Down
4. Wheel Friction Up
5. Lights On/Off
7. Wheel Strength Down
8. Wheel Strength Up
9. Handbrake On/Off

Toolbar 2 - Batteries & Miscellaneous
1. Batteries Discharge
2. Batteries Recharge
3. Camera Front
5. Camera Rear
8. Ore Detector On/Off
9. Antenna Broadcast On/off

Toolbar 3 - Tow Hitch & Hydrogen Systems
1. Gyro Override On/Off - Anti Flip System
2. Hinge Tow Hitch - Attach
3. Hinge Tow Hitch - Detach
4. Piston Winch Extend/Retract
5. Hinge Tow Hitch - Lock On/Off
6. Rear Wheel Steering On/Off - Turn off for more trailer stability
7. Hydrogen Engines On/Off
9. H2 Generators On/Off

Toolbar 6 - Miscellaneous
4. Parachute Hatches Open/Close
5. Repair Projector On/Off





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