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Interface Block for Space Engineers

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Have you ever spent hours or days building your ideal interior space meticulously welding and painting only to find all your efforts overshadowed by the blinding yellow glow of an exposed conveyor port? You want to cover it up, but doing so could limit your access to the cargo network. Well we at AVTech feel your pain. To find a solution we interviewed as many people as we could find as to what features would make an ideal conveyor covering. We then gave the results to a world class interior designer, who gave us an artistic representation, which we promptly through in the trash and began welding random parts we had laying around from other projects. We returned to the interior designer for new guidance on beautifying our creation. However one look at the prototype caused her to pass out (it must have been so amazing that her mind was overwhelmed by the shear awesomeness) and hit her head on the bare steel (the doctors say there was no lasting damage, but she still refuses to talk to us for some reason). However without her input we were unsure how to proceed, that was until her 4-year-old son walked in. While we were not paying attention, the child worked some sort of magic with the box of 24 crayons at his disposal to turn our prototype into a true masterpiece!

AVTech is pleased to announce our newest creation, the Interface! A compact machine to hide those intrusive yellow conveyors while still allowing full access to the cargo network. It also comes equipped with a customizable LCD. So go ahead, decorate to your hearts content, show those yellow ports who’s boss!


Interface block

Cargo Access Port with Build Planner support
LCD Screen
Slim Design
No yellow on the front or side (unless you put it there, then that's on you)


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XReaperTai1 @xreapertai1

Awesome mod...simple yet beautiful

Drag0nSc4r @drag0nsc4r

Do you think you can make a mod that can make drills using nanotechnology and even a build and repair system? (They have mods like them but the problem is i think they use scripting, meaning it wont work on xbox :/ I need it since they made steel plates ridiculously expensive. 7 whole ingots for one steel plate when it was originally 0.5 for a plate)

ooPHLASHoo @oophlashoo

I LOVE this block, SOOOOOOO handy.

loco4halo @loco4halo

Love This, it looks so much better than just some open port.

AKxNIGHTSTALKER @akxnightstalker

this is brilliant definitely in all my future builds

DrowsyEimaj @drowsyeimaj

Really good mod going to use this to make more realistic cargo bays and engine rooms