Space Engineers

Hunter Class Destroyer for Space Engineers

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Published by JMUrich (mod ID: 821228)


The Hunter Class Destroyer is a mainstay in the Order of the Black Sun, a shadowy religious faction hailing from the edges of known space. The Hunter Class is designed for close range combat and boast a large number of turrets.

The Hunter class has a total of 4 decks: CIC, Crew Quarters & Mess, Medical & Cryogenics, Multipurpose & Engineering.


- 6 Port facing Rocket Pods

- 6 Starboard facing Rocket Pods

- 1 400mm Dual Barrel Assault

- 11 Gatling Turrets

- 8 Rocket Turrets

- 30 PDCs

Other Features:

- Refinery and Assembler

- Turret Auto Repair System

- Atmosphere Capable

This ship uses mods but they can be replaced with vanilla blocks with ease, but will require more thrust to function in atmosphere.


- Flare’s Tiered Hydrogen Thrust

- Assault Weapons Pack




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