Space Engineers

Humble bee Gen 2 model A for Space Engineers

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Created by EvilRobDog (mod ID: 96064)


The Humble Bee is a prototype multi-purpose transport feel free to change it as you see fit it has both small grid and a large sub grid to attach to. It is fitted with a large ore detector.It uses heavy armour blocks as a frame however the rest of the blocks are light armour.

The current modification is a mining resource transport = 12 medium cargo containers and both a large and small ore detector. Large to find ore deeper in the ground and to cover larger ground though the small one is if you wish to save on power. It's electric with solar power of it's own to explore feather in lighter builds.

Warning!! When full it's heavy and hard to slow down if you are in any position where you may run into a structure or mountain = point the Humble Bee forward towards the object your going to hit and try to slow down if it fails the Humble Bee has a ram shielded on the front to protect you.

New model here (below)




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