Space Engineers

HMSC Fair Way for Space Engineers

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Published by DarylDixonJr96 (mod ID: 97563)


DS9 Style shuttle

Armed with 3 Gatling guns

1 rocket launcher

Survival kit

H2/02 generator

Medium cargo container

Atleast 8-10 small cargo containers

Slightly under powered but once you learn the settings and flying method there’s more then enough power. You can even recharge the batteries and manage on reactors or vice versa using the Power save mode. Survival ready and seats 4. Pilot, Coms/Drone station, engineer and one passenger

WARNING ⚠️ This was built with thruster damage off. Will not work with thruster damage turned on !




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Gregs092584 @gregs092584

Does not work thrusters burn up everything the plasma stream touches sad though as it a beautiful design