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HFE 'Dartmoor' Planetary Miner for Space Engineers

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Published by Chaser2650 (mod ID: 1061582)


The HFE 'Dartmoor' Planetary Miner is a light (30 - 40 ton) atmospheric miner designed for high reliability and low cost. It is powered entirely by Batteries, agile enough to handle unusual flight angles at full load, and requires only the basic resources available upon landing on a new planet.

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Blocks 158
Non-armor blocks 72
PCU 2,566
Triangles 227,025
Mass 38,621 kg
Length 8.0 m
Width 4.5 m
Height 2.5 m

Key Features

  • 33,181 kg Ore Capacity
  • 65 degrees Pitch Up/Down
  • 40 degrees Roll Left/Right
  • 2 Drills
  • 4 Ejectors (Stone)
  • 4 Batteries
  • Ore Detector
  • Remote Control
  • Merge Block (Printer Ready)


The Dartmoor is designed to do one thing well, and that is to gather resources on planets. It can easily lift its full cargo volume and remain airborne at odd angles, making it significantly more forgiving to fly than other atmospheric miners. It automatically ejects Stone on request, includes running lights for operating underground, and can pick up salvage up to and including a crashed copy of itself. Once docked to a basic installation it can recharge its Batteries and be ready to fly again. The vehicle will never exceed its maximum power rating while maneuvering and doesn't require advanced materials to build.

Aside from that, the only notable feature is that it works with the HFE 'Shiba Inu' Cargo Rover once your production needs exceed what a single Dartmoor can provide.

Content Information

This blueprint was designed using the Steam version of the game and has not been verified for other versions. Certain features, functionality, or numerical values may vary depending on version.

This design does not use mods, subgrids, or scripts, and it should work in survival mode with thruster damage on. Experimental mode is NOT required.

This blueprint includes armor skins from the Style Pack DLC. The ship can be projected, welded, and placed without owning the DLC. Blocks with unavailable armor skins will be placed using the default armor skin.




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