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Habitat Module Space1999 for Space Engineers

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This Module is just 1 of 9 I have created as part of a transportable moon base and is my homage to the 1970s TV Series Space 1999 produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson in the UK. If your not familiar its worth checking out - I want to credit - Not Scared - who first created a great version of this for PC users of the game and shared the files on Steam. His work inspired me to create my own version for Xbox users

Note all modules are designed using small and large grid base blocks and are standard with no mods or scripts.

Other modules available include:

1. Survival Module

2. Hydroponic-farm-module

3. Cargo Module

4. Assembly Plant Module

5. Basic Refinery Module

6. O2/H2 Generation Module

7. H2 Engine/Battery Module

8. Vehicle-module-with 1 x H2 Tanker and 1 x Cargo Rover

All modules are all designed to be transported by the Eagle. The Eagle (designed by Brian Johnson) is the primary form of transportation in Space 1999 and it works really well for the space engineers game. It is designed to only work in space and so like the the actual moon vehicle's from the 1960/70s moons landings the design is light and functional with a central frame with a command module forward and an engine module at the rear. In the centre the Eagle can lift and connect different modules for different missions.

For an example of a Eagle transporter with a module connected see this link - Eagle 2 (plus Survival Module)

Hope you enjoy - many hours went into creating this transportable and modular moon base so please download but don't forget to like and all comments and suggestions welcome




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