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Steam to - Blueprints (unofficial)

Tips to upload blueprints from steam to


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First of all

Read this guide about publishing:

To quote a line of the guide: "Do not copy an author’s work without permission, on Steam,, or anywhere else."

It is also HIGHLY recommanded to credit the original author by leaving a link to the source of the import in the description to, at least, allow players to suscribe to the steam/ version of the blueprint.

This guide is a non-exhaustive list of tips to make a PC blueprint a Xbox compatible one and port it to, based on the few feedbacks I have on my builds and some discovery made using a controller recently acquired. If it looks simple in a first sight, it often ends in an incomplete blueprint or, in the worst case, the blueprint will simply not load ingame.

I. Anatomy of a blueprint

A blueprint is a folder located in C:\\{user}\AppData\Roaming\SpaceEngineers\Blueprints\, including 3 or 4 files:

  • bp.sbc: raw and readable data of the blueprint. Fun fact: it is possible make a blueprint undestructible by modifying a tag in this file (works only when spawning the blueprint).
  • bp.sbcb5: compressed bp.SBC file used by the game. Note: every sbcb extensions below sbcb5 (sbcb2 for example) are obsoletes and a sbcb5 file will be automatically generated when loading an old blueprint.
  • metadata.mod: automatically generated when the blueprint is published on steam workshop.
  • thumb.png: the thumbnail (<1Mb, 960px x 540px) of the blueprint also shown in the blueprint list.

Important: After every modifications made in .sbc file, delete the .sbcb5 one. The game will create a new .sbcb5 file with all modifications instead of loading the blueprint without.

II. Info and tips


Scripts does not work on Xbox, except in dedicated servers. Scripted builds may not work properly.


Mods using scripts does not work on Xbox. Builds using these will not work. Be sure the mods used on steam blueprint are also available on


Toolbars have 4 actions on Xbox controllers and 9 on keyboards. A slot in Xbox toolbars will be automatically set with an action which has been set in the associated empty slot in keyboard toolbars, but will not be updated if the slot on keyboard toolbar is already filled.

To solve this issue quickly instead of assigning every actions ingame or if you don't have a controller, follow these steps for each cockpit/remote controls:

  1. Open the bp.SBC file with a notepad.
  2. Using the search tool (ctrl+f), look for the line containing the tag <Toolbar>
  3. Copy the content of <Slots> in <SlotsGamepad>
  4. Save but DON'T close.
  5. Delete the file bp.sbcb5
  6. Load the blueprint ingame.
  7. If the load fails, return to the notepad and look if you didn't forget to close a tag, missed an indent or used tabulation to make indents instead of space. Else, close the notepad.

Keyboard to controller

The <SlotGamepad> content may not be the same as the <Slots> one, simply replace it.

(Obsolete) Rovers and gyroscopes

Note: I keep this section for people who still have a trouble with the rover's steer linked to gyroscopes while using a controller. Since the issue seems to have been fixed, I consider this section as obsolete.

On Xbox controllers, the gyroscope's actions are merged with the rover's directions, which means that if you take a turn with your rover you will also order your active gyroscopes to rotate the rover in the same direction which result in an unstable and often awful driving experience.
Simply add the "Gyroscope (alone or group) - control" option in the toolbar.

III. Steam to


Create a dedicated folder where you copy/paste all blueprints you want to publish on and, for all blueprints located in the folder, remove the bp.sbcb5 and metadata.mod files (blueprints will work fine with or without these files)

(Obsolete) About rovers and gyroscopes

Note: I keep this section for people who still have a trouble with the rover's steer linked to gyroscopes while using a controller. Since the issue seems to have been fixed, I consider this section as obsolete.

Without modifying the original blueprint, disable the gyroscope control option:

  1. Open the bp.SBC file with a notepad.
  2. Using the search tool (ctrl+f), look for the line containing the tag <Toolbar>
  3. Create a new line above.
  4. Add <ControlGyros>false</ControlGyros>
  5. Save and close.

Set the Gyrocontrol to false

Indents must be made using spacebar, not tabulation


Compress the remaining files into a .zip archive following these steps:

  1. Select all the files in the folder. DO NOT SELECT THE FOLDER.
  2. Right click on one of the selected files.
  3. If you have 7-zip, click on Add to "". If not, click on Sent to and Compressed (zipped) folder. Rename the folder with the name of your blueprint if not already done.

Now upload the archive in

Also, in the description (optional but recommended):
- Add a link to the workshop content and if possible a link to the new content in the workshop content's description.
- Add all informations about used mods/scripts.
- Add if the grid is not destructible.


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NeuroSplash @neurosplash

Wonderful ! Thanks a lot !

Sonicstonic00 @sonicstonic00

Wish this was about a month ago, Thanks.

ComradeJenkens @comradejenkens

Following this isn't working for me. I remove the sbcB5 file, zip the blueprint folder, and upload. And people get 'blueprint not found' when they try to spawn it in.

Mad-Catcher @mad-catcher

Have you removed the metadata.mod file? Also does your .zip file contain a folder or only the files?

KageDeamon @kagedeamon

I know this is kinda an old post, but, I have a collection of mods I used on my private PC server, and I would like to port them privately for my new Xbox server. How do I do that? Oh and scripts too. I have tried to port one of the mods but it just crashed the entire server. And the script was empty when I tried to put it into a PB. I removed all sub-folders and had it zipped up but it still did not work. Any help, please?

Mad-Catcher @mad-catcher

Sorry I have no idea how to setup a xbox server with scripts

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Is anyone hear a modder?


How to port over a blueprint if the file doesn't contain a metadata.mod file?

Mad-Catcher @mad-catcher

The metadata.mod file isn't required to use/port a build, since the game needs at least the bp.sbc file (other files can be removed)


Hi! So i got it on my Xbox. Does the file need to be called bp.sbc exactly?

[Admiral]-Apollo-UEE @hydrastorm171

Does this work with mod packs