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Space Engineers, Linking Accounts for Crossplay (For PC & Xbox Users)

A guide for PC & Xbox users how to link up their account together for crossplay. Especially for those that have the game on both platforms!!

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A guide for PC & Xbox users how to link up their account together for crossplay.
Especially for those that have the game on both platforms, so you can use the same account!!

If you start the game for the first time on PC or Xbox you might be greeted immediately with the consent form in Step 3, in that case you can ignore Step 1 & 2.

Step 1, After you start the game go to Options than Click on Game (Options->Game), Space Engineers Linking Guide 01

Step 2, Than look in Game Options for the Consent button (Game Options-> Consent), Space Engineers Linking Guide 02

Step 3, Click on I Agree (Click on I Agree) "If you like you can read on what your agreeing on!"
Once you have clicked 'I Agree', a account is "automatically" created and linked with your steam account.

If you only have PC version of the game your technically done, as the account has already been linked & created, but if your also on xbox scroll-down to step 6!, Space Engineers Linking Guide 03

Step 4, On browser of you choice go to, and in the upper right corner an click on LOGIN ( & Login), Space Engineers Linking Guide 04

Step 5, Login with your Steam Account (choice the steam icon), Space Engineers Linking Guide 05

Step 6, Once your logged-in go to upper-right, click on you username(same location as in step 4), choice profile from the drop-down menu!!
Now you can see while scrolling down you can use to link this account to other platforms.

Step 6a for "Xbox Users" that also have the game on Steam!?,

if you already have an Xbox account linked on existing account you have *Unlink(image below click recycling bin icon for your steam link) for your newly created account, than logout of that new account!! After that you can Login(Step5) but login with your Xbox Account, repeat Step 6, and scolldown in you profile and click on steam icon/bar and re-link & add your steam account to your main account that you already used with your xbox! "You can only link xbox or steam account if it's NOT linked already on a different account", Space Engineers Linking Guide 06


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PatrickQ @patrickq

Thanks for posting this. Unfortunately, I found the instructions pretty confusing, especially at step 6, which seems to be the most important step(s). The instructions are vague as to which account (xbox-created vs pc-created) I'm supposed to be changing, and what exactly I'm supposed to be changing. For example, this "(image below click recycling bin icon for your steam link)" is just word salad. Punctuation and grammar matter. You have to keep in mind that the person reading the instructions does not already know what you are talking about, so leaving out punctuation, having poor grammar, using the wrong words, and writing in incomplete sentences, all interfere with the reader understanding the message you want to convey.

If the instructions could be reworded a bit to be more clear and the grammar cleaned up, it would be a fantastic improvement and would be helpful to more people. Thanks again!