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[RWC] - Redrix Weapons Cooperative Ship Collection

Collection of all my Redrix Weapons Cooperative ships, brief descriptions about them, what inspired me to make them and so on.

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Redrix Weapons Cooperative - Ship Guide

The follwing is a Collection of my ships that have been created for my ingame faction, Redrix Weapons Cooperartive. These ships will be continiously updated with improvements, and are either partially survival ready, or completly so, with 99% of conveyors being piped up. Within this guide, there is my Fleet Classification System, Ship Links, and Brief Lore. These ships use several mods.

Fleet Classification System

Patrol Corvette: The patrol corvette is a small ship that focuses around one heavy weapon, such as a FOB or Little David, with the rest of its weapons being dedicated to point defense. It is mostly used to patrol less important systems or defend important stations in large numbers, hand in hand with the larger ships. Because of this use case their range is often limited to travel within a single system, having to be connected with a long range jump module to leave its system.

Frigate: The frigate is a step up in size from the patrol corvette, and is often the smallest ship class to make use of heavy weaponry on turrets, also using more main batteries, or a larger main FOB. The frigate has much longer range than the patrol corvette, with the ability to jump between systems and more crew amenities. The frigate can operate solo during times of peace to hunt down pirates, or during times of war or fleet actions it can work in a wolfpack against larger targets.

Destroyer: The destroyer is the mainline warship of RWC, being another step up in size, range, and onboard facilities it is the most common warship of RWC’s Navy. The destroyer places a heavy focus on FOBs and other main weapons while also not compromising its PDC defenses. The destroyer is the smallest mainline warship of RWC to carry a space going vehicle in its internal bay. The hanger while small can store a mining drone and a repair drone, or a fighter. The destroyer is completely self sufficient, able to produce its own ammo as long as it has the proper metals, and materials. The hanger allows a wolfpack of ships to bring either drones or a fighter squad along with their mission. The destroyer can operate solo against some larger ships from other factions and take down a entire pirate base with ease, or can work in a wolfpack during times of war to take down enemy fleets.

Battlecruiser: The battlecruiser is the successor to the cruiser in every way. With the battlecruiser being larger, and having more weapons, however the battlecruiser sacrifices armor for speed, with the battlecruiser being able to keep up with even the most nimble of frigates. The battlecruiser often uses several 300mm and high caliber 900mm cannons, on its mobile turrets which help with the ship not having to re-align to still deal a punishing blow to any enemy. Battlecruisers often have hangers, although some exceptions may be made.

Carriers: Carriers are rarer than battlecruisers but are usually leading fleets with their support fighter complement. Carriers are underused because of their armament being lighter due to it carrying ships. They don’t have a main weapon and heavily rely on escorts during major battles. They make up the logistical center of a fleet, having onboard extensive flag facilities akin to those of Fleet Admirals. Carriers are the most specialized of any classification only being good at carrying and commanding.

Battlecarriers: The Battlecarrier is often the flagship of a sub-sector, a sector, or even the navy its self. Battlecarriers contrast from carriers because they are among the most heavily armed ships in the fleet. The battlecarrier is the largest ship classification that RWC uses, using several batteries that make the main cannons on destroyers look weak. The turrets on a battlecarrier are modular, meaning that the same battlecarrier hull can be used even if new weapon technologies are developed.

[RWC] - Ship Collection

Large Grids

Patrol Corvettes:






Small Grids


Utility Ships


Brief History and Lore

Riptide Class Patrol Corvette:

Inspiration: The RWI Defender

This ship was originally going to be much bigger, and would've been classified as a frigate, looking back it now, I've realized two things, I never want to make a large grid this small again, and midway through the design I realized I was still arming it like a frigate. I'm happy with the result, and hope you are too!

Redemption Class Battlecruiser:

Inspiration: The RWI Defender, and The RCSP Avalon

This ship was supposed to have a hanger, but it needed so many internal thrusters (all thruster damage friendly!) that I called it off, and added more weapons. I over-detailed this one, and made the fatal mistake of not having engine pods on a ship this long. I'll come back and make a Mk2 to the design eventually, but I'm focusing on a destroyer project right now (SoonTM).


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