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Heeeelp from SE on X One



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Hello dear developers.
I am from Russia, I will translate this into English with the help of Google translator.
Xbox nickname is Bob 4ek.
I am trying to play SE on the Xbox one S. I have been waiting for your game on this console for 2 years.
But from the very beginning I have problems with her.
First I bought ultimate edition on the first day of pre-order. But then an error occurred while paying. I was given access to a closed beta, but the game itself did not survive.
When the money appeared - I bought a regular edition of all the DLCs. The game starts, but the world and drawings are not saved. Three reinstallations of the game yielded no results.
Then I bought the ultimate edition again.
The problems remained the same. The game does not save the world and buildings (drawings). Four reinstallations of the game, restarted the console four times, cleaned the memory two times, deleted two games. Nothing helps.
Do something so that I can finally save this fucking house. I am building it for the seventh time.
Every time I play in creative mode.

Please help me - the person who bought the whole game twice.

I want to build a beautiful house and ship, and save them - show the people. But the game does not want this ...

All the friends to whom I praised this game who did not wait for it were bought out of interest and everything is going fine with them. And TWO TIMES I bought your game - and only from me - a longtime fan - such problems. Why such an injustice? and how to solve it ??

I'm hysterical.

I am writing to you here, on the website and by mail. In the meantime, I am writing this message - the game is reinstalling for the eighth time.
Because I walked around the worlds for the seventh time, for the seventh time they refused to survive, for the seventh time built a house (which I had been thinking about all this time) and for the seventh time the game refused to save him ...

Enrages it all. Please help.


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Ph3nix0u @ph3nix0u

попытаться сделать, Старт, Сохранить должен почти спасти мир прежде чем уйти

DEATHPHANTOMG49 @deathphantomg49

Звучит как автосохранение выключено. Возможно, попробуйте сохранить его вручную или сохранить как, а затем назовите что-нибудь еще.

Bob4ek @bob4ek

Any saving does not produce results. It always gives an error. What only I have not tried

Inflex @inflex

Hello, please reproduce the issue (make the game fail to save), then navigate to help screen and then to report issue section. Don't forget to describe your issue so we know what to look for and submit the report. Game will send us logs which should tell us what's going on and hopefully fix it.

Inflex @inflex

Also, I've found this report by total accident. For any further reports please use official support site:

ronidude @ronidude

я собираюсь использовать гугл переводчик.
это может быть одна из трех вещей
1. автоматическое отключение
2. Вы, возможно, телепортируетесь от своих сеток?
3. продолжаете ли вы с предыдущей игры?

Bob4ek @bob4ek

1) any saving - automatic or manual, does not produce results. everywhere gives an error.
2) I did not understand the question.
3) The world is also not saved, but an attempt to start gives an error.

FoxtrotMike25 @foxtrotmike25

Same here

blackdevil0012r @blackdevil0012r

Try to save each sepertly in blueprints you should be able to upload them to the mod site name each one so you can find them hope this helps

blackdevil0012r @blackdevil0012r

Use 5 backup saves in settings and less astoroids there will be less items for your xbox to save xbox has a lock for maximum save so it can save other games unlike pc

shaneadams2549 @shaneadams2549

Have turned on Auto Save in the options menue? My Gamer tag shaneadams2549