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Iron Order Empire (IOE)

The Iron Order Empire is a vast empire led by SeCToRS MAGIC with a community of players who only desire to design and build new creations from it's universe. The community is very dedicated to making this empire function as real as possible but still keeps it very fun. From the Lore to the Ranks, Positions and Government the IOE is very structured as explained within this article in regards to the IOE.

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Iron Order Empire

Table of Contents

1. Summery

2. Real History

3. Fictional Lore

4. Ranks

5. Positions

6. The 7 Headmasters

7. Political Structure

8. Companies

9. Order of Leadership

10. Uniforms

11. IOE Generations

12. Universe Factions/Companies

13. Recruitment Advertisement


The Iron Order Empire is a vast empire led by SeCToRS MAGIC with a community of players who only desire to design and build new creations from it's universe. The community is very dedicated to making this empire function as real as possible but still keeps it very fun. From the Lore to the Ranks, Positions and Government the IOE is very structured as explained within this article in regards to the IOE. If at all anyone is confused about any of this, please let me know through via comments. Thank you and have a good time reading this.

Real History

The real life beginnings of the IOE started as a Minecraft empire concept which switched over to Space Engineers. The name Iron Order Empire came from the fact that I had a lot of Iron, I wanted a structured and organized order for my faction and I wanted a military empire, thus the IOE. As it eventually came down to it, it became an economical powerhouse at some point in the game thus part if the IOE fictional history after a period of time, it was rich and very powerful. My first ever creation was the Dinkly. A very useless ship at that, but after making the first few creations on Space Engineers for Xbox, I had discovered there was mod . io where I can publish my creations, thus had published a few creations from there and bam. People like it for some reason. Then I started to make stories for these creations, organized everything to be 1st gen tech and as I got into building these creations, I was doing the best I can to create bigger, better, more elaborate ideas on how to go about these creations. At first it was only ships, then to ground vehicles.

Eventually it got to the point where I was kind of lost and had no idea where to move on for 2nd gen tech. I had no idea where to start improving and I just had to wait and see. After feeling like I could do something after watching a few videos on how to improve my skills, I had received a message asking if I was the leader of the IOE. I said yes. Then it started. A long line of conversations began between the leader of the NCI and I eventually formed a good friendship. He already had his community of players while I was still alone, pondering if I could even try to form my own community or just join his. After a month, I began an new line of creations which began the creations for the second generation technology and the dawn of a much cooler empire than some old blocky outdated designs. Albeit it was rough at first, but eventually I began to form a groove that was somewhat unbreakable and started to improve my creations.

At the mid point of my second generation, there was a major dispute in the NCI in which some members claimed the leader has gone mad and that he's started to remove members of his community for dumb reasons while the leader claims a different argument. I tuned in on what was going on and had hoped the NCI would resolve it's problems but unfortunately it escalated. It nearly caused a civil war and I thought to myself I have to do something about it, but I was not going to be too happy about it, although looking back at it now... I don't regret it. As some members from the NCI had known me prior to this Cold War of theirs, I had asked what their thoughts are and what they want to do and I found out that those same people wanted to leave the NCI because of the leader's decisions. I decided to ask them, "Would you be willing to join my empire if it's okay with you?"... "Yes." Holy bajeezus I have done it! My first official member of the IOE and I have decided to put him under second in command. As he left to join me, soon others fallowed pursuit to my empire as well.

Although now I have started my own community of players from the NCI, I cannot help but to feel bad for that leader in some ways, but whatever happened in that situation... I will do my best to not let that same situation happen in my empire. I have been fair, more structured, more organized and a whole lot more sophisticated than the NCI's leadership according to my newfound members of the IOE. I was proud and I had things going... but the unfortunate part of all of this is that now the leader of the NCI is peeved off at me and very understandably so, but if the very events were happening in his empire are true, then wouldn't he just not mind about it at all? No. Apparently the NCI leader felt threatened by us, more specifically my second in command for who he thinks he is, but really I have been trying to avoid a war at all costs, thus formed one of many Cold Wars that happened. I have tried to negotiate peace with the best of my abilities from both my second in command and the NCI leader although I cannot take the full credit as a lot of it has to go to some of the other members of my empire trying to help conduct peaceful negotiations and diplomatic resolutions.

Eventually we had gotten ourselves to the point of where we were able to use one of the NCI members as an Agent under our command and gathered intel for us. As soon as that has happened weeks later I had told the NCI leader that I had been gaining more members to help out with my projects and he decided to give up and quite. This was shocking to me as I'd had thought he wanted to continue being the leader of the NCI but no, he was tired of it all, so he ordered any remaining members of the NCI to elect a new leader. We have an Agent, we have a chance to take over the NCI and it was our best shot to end this Cold War. A week later we received news that our Agent was elected as the Leader of the NCI thus I gave him the role as a puppeteer. So for a long but shorter than expected period of time, we were in control of the NCI, but the old NCI leader came back and said "Alright, we're electing a new leader, I don't trust him," thus booted our Agent out and replaced him with a new leader. When we have figured out the news of this, we had assumed that one of the old NCI's loyal members is leading the NCI, but apparently, things change,

As a new era dawns, the NCI started to claim that the NCI doesn't exist and that "there is a new faction." I believe it is nothing new and just a ploy to bring our guard down. Other members believe the old NCI leader is the puppet master to the new NCI faction to the individual who controls it. Throughout time many Cold Wars began and dissolved on their own since then and at this point... We don't know when a real war starts. We just know it will happen soon if we don't get along soon enough. I hope that we can resolve the old conflicts and move forward and that we can become allies once more... we just need to trust in each other, like old times... before this madness... before this great divide, after all... we are supposed to be friends aren't we?

Fictional Lore

Lore Summery

From the ashes of chaos, among people who have been enslaved by the Dentorons, a resistance rose into power and claimed victory over their oppressors to become a new world order. Forged by Iron, made weapons of war surpassing the expectations of the Dentorons, The Order has claimed a world among other solar systems, led by Supreme Commander Dune Irovich, begins to form the first generation of independent technology. After the conquest of the Dentorons leaving only a remnant of what they used to be, The Order officially becomes the Iron Order Empire, ruled with an Iron fist of power. The military begins a proper first generation Iron Order technology. The political counsel led with a long table of 100 officials of Conduct led by the 7 Headmasters. The Military, Economics, Science, Industry, Politics, Trade and Supreme Commander. Each with their own branch of government, the ruler of the entire empire will always be the Supreme Commander. The military has the branches of the Iron Order Marines, Army, Navy, Armada, Defense Grid System, Black Steel Brigade and the Classified Forces. Although they do have a military police force, they tend to leave it to the police branch altogether. The entertainment for the populace is the racing of both ground and space vehicles. Upon conquering other worlds, they have declared war on their strongest opponent yet, the Grand Singularity Empire. For 2 generations of Iron Order Empire history, they had clashed into battles beyond belief. By the time the war ends, 2 universes have been conquered in their 3rd generation, leaving the GSE with their one universe and IOE at peace until they had to join forces against a rising threat, The Valadon Empire. Prior and after the war with the GSE, a minor faction that are essentially pirates known as the Onix Order, a tech grabbing pirate faction that have the most sophisticated military than any other pirate faction ever. Constantly at war with the IOE, the IOE sends out petrol fleets to search and destroy any and all pirate presence from the IOE. The Onix Order led by Admiral Oxe had eventually developed weapons research facilities that would develop the latest weapons of war.

The Iron-Singularity War

First Generation:

The prelude to war began when the Iron Order Empire was forming it's permanent government. The GSE sent scout probes to a plantation facility on a barren world. The IOE research group on a science vessel the "Discovery" conducted routine communication techniques and established audio contact. It was a surprise to find out that the barren world was originally owned by the GSE and they had a hidden research facility underground. Then the claim to ownership escalated quickly, resulting in a massacre between IOE citizens and the GSE probes. The IOE sent out a scout fleet of 2 corvettes to remove the GSE facility but with it being underground, they had to deploy an infiltration unit in order to destroy the facility and established complete control with orbital guns. Months later the GSE sent out a small fleet of 4 corvettes and 1 destroyer to test out the IOE's capabilities. They were headed for a defense force established at an asteroid belt protecting a mining facility from the Onix Order. The IOE fleet was comprised of 2 corvettes, 4 fighters and a gunship. After the battle was fought, the IOE barely survived due to their gunship's success. It was clear to the GSE that it will be a very hard war to fight. Given the calculations, the best option for the GSE is to establish sensor nodes with deployable military grade combat drones for defensive purposes. As for the offense, they had planned on a large scale attack on the IOE shipyards to prevent the IOE from constructing more ships, but they didn't know where they were at, thus a small infiltration fleet of 4 fighters under a new skin had to be sent to one of the IOE critical outposts. 5 months later after a series of battles between the two empires, the infiltration unit found a critical outpost near a medical facility that contains information to the shipyard locations. After the infiltration unit entered the outpost, they had to retrieve the data file and send it back to the Central Command, but upon retrieving the data, had activated a security protocol. They had no way out of getting the information alive, thus a sacrifice of the unit had to be made for the unit to transfer the data. The GSE Central Command received the information and began preparing the Grand Singularity Armada, comprised of 3 cruisers, 4 destroyers, 8 frigates, 13 corvettes, 32 fighters and 6 bombers led by Admiral "Salzar" to be sent to the IOE shipyards. The biggest battle in the IOE's first generation was fought at the battle of "Billator Thorne." The IOE had 3 shipyard mk1s and 2 shipyard mk2s with the defensive force of 2 cruisers, 1 destroyer mk1, 1 destroyer mk2, 9 frigates, 8 corvettes, 6 escort corvettes, 40 fighters, 7 gunships led by Admiral "Lichton Difer" and a reinforcement fleet of 4 corvettes near at the end of the battle. It was a very long and tedious fight for survival. But the battle concluded with the destruction of all but 2 shipyard mk1s and somewhat successful defense. After that fight, the IOE really got peeved off and created a 6 month program to create the first Battleship in the Iron order Empire with a new ship known as the mini carrier mk1.

After the 6 month program, it took a month later to finally create the Iron Armada comprised of the Battleship, 4 mini carrier mk1s with 4 micro fighters each, a cruiser, 2 destroyer mk2s, 3 frigates, 7 escort corvettes and 2 gunships. The IOE Armada was sent straight to a major world of importance which at the time was undefended due to the diversion of forces to the front for a short period of time where there it was concluded that the IOE had conquered the world and had set up a major foothold deep into the middle of the GSE territory. It nearly took 3 GSE fleets over the span of the next 4 months to finally remove the IOE from the GSE world. By the time they had removed the Armada from their world, the IOE started to begin designing the next generation of IOE technology that would prove to be very powerful and much stronger than the previous designs of past IOE technology. The last battle before the final days of first generation technology ended, was the battle of "Diffles" 8 months after the destruction of the IOE Armada. The battle lasted for a few days but it was an infiltration of seizing blueprints of GSE technology from a mini carrier mk2 with 4 escort corvettes. The destination was a hidden research facility in a nebula. The facility was protected by 5 corvettes, 2 frigates and 8 fighters. During the battle, the IOE mini carrier used it's drop pods to send out an infiltration squad to retrieve the blueprints but before they knew it, the data was already transferred to a new research facility in the core world at the heart of the GSE. The squad never made it back as the facility was set to self destruct and the IOE fleet retreated with only 1 escort corvette. The IOE high command was disappointed but not too angry with the situation. At this point the Fighter mk2 was being tested for it's value of use and it turned out to be a major success for the IOE.

Second Generation:

The IOE's fighter mk2 established the beginning of the IOE's second generation and in turn created a new series of warships based on the fighter mk2 design. Eventually hospital ships were put in place due to the high rising amount of casualties of both space and ground forces alike. When the GSE sent their data to the capital home world, the GSE began the construction of a new ship called "Continuity," a vastly superior ship compared to their ships, along the lines of the capital ship class of the production line and only one could be serviced as the ship itself could be a carrier, thus far too much resources would be put into it. The first battle of the second generation was the battle of "Griphone." A very interesting battle at that. The world contained old relics of an ancient empire that once was alive or at least were present at the time. This artifact could help with the technicalogical gains for either side. Thus put a heavy emphasis on obtaining said relic. Both the GSE and the IOE sent their fleets to retrieve it but ended up in an escalation. The IOE fleet comprised of 15 fighter mk2s, 3 bombers, 2 gunship mk2s, and 4 corvette mk2's went on a defensive tactic against an aggressive engagement from the GSE's 17 fighters, 4 corvettes and 2 frigates. Both sides had boarding ships that would be sent to the planetary surface which resulted in a heavy ground combat. The IOE had 300 marines with 3 LCT's, 1 APC mk1, 1 MCT and 4 APTGS vs the GSE's 400 marines and 5 combat vehicles. The struggle on both fronts put out a major strain and essentially left at a stalemate until reinforcements would arrive. Unfortunately for both sides, reinforcements wouldn't arrive for the next month. The ground officer "Dentrova" led the recovery mission and was afraid of the worst but kept on going. His bravery and courage led his men on a full scale assault on an enemy supply cache. Even fatigued and war torn, he fought with the inspiration of a warrior. He had always been on the frontlines with his men during and after the attack. But soon after claiming the cache and regrouping, his lone army of 100 marines and 1 APC mk1 against the opposition of 150 marines and 2 combat vehicles, both sides went into an abandoned city from opposite sides and at the center was the central canister facility, containing the relic. In order to secure the relic, Dentrova sent out recon squads to the nearby area and found the enemy already there. Dentrova proceeded to send out a few squads for an ambush tactic alongside with a small frontal strike force acting as if they are to retreat but actually lured the GSE into a trap with the APC mk1 and the remaining marines, encircling the GSE. Once the opposition was taken cared of, a few squads were sent to retrieve the relic only to find a recovery team just about to grab the relic. With the threat taken cared of and the relic at hand, Dentrova had set up a defensive perimeter and an emergancy escape rout should it come down to it. Hours later, the last remaining GSE forces attacked from the underground subway stations and nearly crippled the IOE troops. Dentrova and his men used the escape rout with only 15 men left at his disposal verses 30 GSE troops. During this, the space battle resulted in the near destruction of both fleets. The month went by and the reinforcement fleets from both sides had arrived and another skirmish was waged on. IOE sent in a mini carrier mk2, 5 corvette mk2s, and 3 frigate mk2s with 3 troop ships. The GSE brought in 5 fighters, 5 frigates and 2 destroyers. The battle continues with intensity and the IOE fleet sent a recovery ship that would help retrieve the remaining survivors hidden in the woods and the relic. The IOE fleet split in 2 with the mini carrier mk2 on the retreat to friendly space.

A celebration was held for the success of the mission, but now a new research division had been made to look after the relic and study it's secrets. As the discovery is being researched, the Onix Order had set up a plan to confiscate the relic by using 3 infiltration units into the research facility. Once they had infiltrated into the facility they had to jam the communications array and silence every member of the science division. Fortunately for the IOE, one of the members of an infiltration unit was part of another pirate faction that ultimately led to the compromise and detection of the infiltration before they were able to obtain the relic. Thus the mission was a failure for the Onix Order. After the infiltration units had been eliminated, the facility had to be repaired for the next month and reprogrammed security for another 2 months before research could continue. After the infiltration, the Iron Order Empire had to create a new armada based on the new IOE technology in order to search and destroy the rebuilt GSE armada, rumored to have a one of a kind, new ship that puts a major threat to the entire IOE. It wouldn't be until after 7 months later, the series of battles is when the battle of "Continuity" took place where the IOE had just finished the construction of their last ship to be sent with the IOE Armada to combat the GSE's Armada, but it was actually the GSE who attacked the IOE shipyards with said armada. The IOE Armada had 50 fighter mk2's, 20 bombers, 5 gunship mk2s, 6 corvette mk2s, 4 escort corvette mk2-As, 4 missile gunboats, 3 frigate mk2s, 3 destroyer mk2-B's, 2 cruiser mk1s, 2 mini carrier mk2s, 1 command mini carrier and 1 capital ship with their 6 shipyard mk1s, 4 shipyard mk2's and 2 shipyard mk3s while the GSE Armada is comprised of 60 fighters, 20 bombers, 2 scout fighters, 12 corvettes, 8 frigates, 4 destroyers, 2 cruisers and the "Continuity." The IOE was taken back by the immense shock of the size and design of the Continuity. It was almost as if it as a dreadnought compared to a mere cruiser mk1. Upon taken out of warp, the GSE took the inflation tactic where the GSE was pairing fighter squadrons for every 5 bombers they have and going straight for the shipyards. The corvettes would assist the frigates in a tight formation split into 3 groups while the cruisers stayed close to the Continuity. The IOE took defensive actions with a series of counter attacks all while the carrier fleet moved into an attack position to send out the micro fighters against the grouped up ships from the sides. Eventually, the GSE attack squadrons were destroyed at the cost of our own fighters, bombers and all but one shipyard mk3. The remaining forces engaged the remaining grouped ships in an attempt to protect the station at all cost, thus the capital ship along with the cruiser mk1 and escort corvette mk2-A with the help of the carrier fleet would finish off the remaining grouped fleets at the expense of one mini carrier mk2. The only thing standing between hell and salvation is the remaining IOE forces vs the 2 cruisers and the Continuity. As soon as a full scale attack was initiated, the Continuity brought out a Titan Class Quantum Canister Emitter from inside of the ship, while deploying 20 fighters and 10 bombers from the hanger bays. This has brought a great deal of fear into the heart of the IOE armada. This can only end in two ways, the destruction of the IOE Armada allowing the GSE access to the IOE colony world or the destruction of the Continuity. Ground Officer Dentrova, recently moved into position as fleet officer, aboard the capital ship, suggested to use the tri-phoone formation. A very daring tactic that essentially rounds up the entire armada into an arrow formation, spreading out to cover all flanks and at least close enough in three battle groups that allows support to the other ships, allowing a small 4th fleet to micro warp behind the GSE fleet, targeting the engines to the command bridges. This tactic had worked in a sense in destroying the 2 GSE cruisers and their squadrons but at the heavy cost of only the capital ship still remaining. During the engagement, fleet admiral "Jukanta" was killed by a hull breach at the bridge before any repair had been made. With the only fleet officer on board, Dentrova took command as captain of the capital ship and told the crew to begin ramming procedures and to eventually ram into the Continuity's Titan Class Quantum Canister Emitter. All personal were told to abandon ship as soon as the ramming took into action and as soon as the capital ship had hit the the Continuity, the Quantum Flux Impulse had been disrupted while it was about to fire and caused a massive implosion that the destruction of the Continuity caused a rippled like in the void making the area volatile to any and all ships surrounding the area. This would cause a major barrier between the IOE and the GSE spanning a total of 1,500 light years.

For some time now, both sides had to find another way to attack each other, thus the outer rims had to do within this part of the universe. No one knows if Dentrova had survived the implosion, but he was given the best decorated honorary death of self sacrifice the IOE had ever known. Thus Dentrova became the best war hero since the old days against the Dentorons. Since the battle of "Continuity," for 5 months, there were no battles, just preparations, precautions and predictions. It was only a matter of time before both sides had to fight again. Since then, the most radical battles was having to deal with the Onix Order. It wouldn't be until the day the IOE Armada was rebuilt with a few other fleets that they decided a full scale assault would spark up the new series of battles. As it turned out, the frontline worlds were abandoned and the GSE had moved deeper into their territory, Setting up defensive installations that would use the same Quantum Canisters as the Continuity but were smaller and significantly weaker. It just occurred the the Fleet Admiral "Bronson" that attempting to engage would be considered as suicide, thus figured out that there must be a power relay station to each quadrant of the universe. If one could be destroyed or cloaked as operating but is still inoperable, it'd give the IOE a chance to break through the defensive platforms. Bronson sent 60 infiltration ships to be sent out as one of them just to destroy the relays. It took 2 weeks to find the one relay station next to a sun, collecting solar energy. Bronson sent 10 of the 60 to the relay station and the mission was a success, the GSE had no idea that the IOE Armada and a few other fleets had infiltrated into their territory without being detected at all. The Armada moves to the home world of the GSE while the other fleets would be sent to the neighboring colony worlds as a distraction. 2 months later after surprise attacks on the GSE, the IOE had finally made their way to the home world without a single ship destroyed in the armada with the cost of many ships from the other fleets protecting the armada. As it stand now, the war is at a very near end.

The battle of "Singularity" is the very last battle of the war. It is where the IOE Armada comprised of 300 fighter mk2s, 150 fighter mk2-B's, 40 gunship mk2-B's, 25 drop ship mk1s, 30 troop transports, 5 assault troop transport mk1s, 5 hospital ship mk1s containing 4 medical ships each, 50 escort corvettes mk2-A's, 20 escort corvettes mk2-B's, 30 destroyer mk-2B's, 8 cruiser mk2's, 1 capital ship, 6 mini carrier mk2's, 12 corvette class carriers, and 1 command mini carrier. The GSE Armada is comprised of 450 fighters, 150 bombers, 60 corvettes, 40 frigates, 20 destroyers, and 10 cruisers with a reinforcement fleet of another 10 destroyers and 2 cruisers. The battle was fought in a series of skirmishes spreading across 100 miles long. A very long, hard devastating, appalling battle that became legendary with the ships themselves, but as the IOE begins to cripple the GSE, from the largest space launch yard in the home world, brought a very disturbing ship. It was another Continuity but this time, it has a refined Titan Class Quantum Canister Emitter that will not ripple through the void upon being rammed. Only Only having half of the IOE Armada left, all resources were diverted to the Continuity in an effort to destroy it, but the Continuity used it's primary gun and destroyed a large portion of the fleet sent to destroy it, weakening the offense. Thus the finest Admiral, Bronson had thought about ramming it but then realized it would cause a ripple again without knowing it would not, thus had to be very careful not to destroy everything from his point of view. As the battle continues, the IOE Armada had been nearly crippled by the Continuity. Left remaining was the capital ship, a half destroyed cruiser mk2, a nearly destroyed command mini carrier and 3 destroyer mk2-B's against the GSE still operable Continuity. Bronson the had an idea, why not just board the ship? With the remaining troop transports and orbital drop pods left, sent all remaining reserves to the Continuity. The IOE boarding fleet was reduced to half but was able to get the rest inside. 80 Marines were able to get in but were so confused on where to go for the power, bridge and weapon control systems. The marines had close quarter combat on multiple corridors, floors, rooms and critical systems. But an infiltration unit managed to get to the Quantum Flux Emission Generator and planted explosives all over the generator. It was then and there all units realized, this was a sacrifice that had to be made and so all of the units stayed on the ship to guarantee it will explode, and so it did. The explosion caused a massive wave of Electron Forces to go across the entire system and all power was drained out from both sides, leaving only emergency backup power to be used. From that point on, the GSE had surrendered to the IOE and was told by the IOE that the next time they fight, if the IOE wins again, the IOE will wipe out the GSE from the face of the known void. As for the relic, it wasn't until the 4 months after is when the project had finally uncovered the secrets of the relic and enabled the capabilities of transforming ships into a battle mode, hover tanks and mech technology. By the end of the second generation, the IOE had created a few experimental corvettes that would alter the course for future wars to come. It is this, there the 3rd Generation of the IOE begins.

Warning: Lore Incomplete.


Supreme Commander: Leader

Commander: Higher officials of rank of which can have unlimited access to all but experimental ships. Can designate a personal color insignia of their choice. Often to take over the empire once the Supreme Commander is dead, resigned or transferred power over to. Can create personal vehicle designs. May assign members under their command to any position.

General: High official rank under the command of a commander. Can request spacecraft from fighters up to battleships and mini carriers. Can provide a secondary color insignia to the added primary color insignia. A limited source of personal vehicle design. May assign members under their command to most positions.

Major: Above official rank under the command of a general. Can request vehicles from fighters to destroyers. Must fallow personal color insignia for designated chain of command. No source of personal vehicle design. May assign members under their command to some positions with a request sent to their assigned general.

Officer: Moderate official rank under the command of a major. Can assign soldiers to basic duties assigned by their major. Can request from fighters to corvettes. Must follow personal color insignia for designated chain of command. No source of personal vehicle design.

Soldier: Low official rank under the command of an officer. Must perform any and all actions requested by any and all members of higher rank. Must follow personal color insignia for designated chain of command. Cannot request any vehicles. No source of personal design. If at anytime refuses to perform his/her duties, then must face a trial of reasoning before the trial of debate before the court martial trial. If a commanding officer is not present then the highest experienced soldier will take temporary command of the unit.

Rookie: Lowest official rank. Will be waiting for a rank while performing trainee programs until decided on legibility of rank.

Kinder-Rook: The beginnings of a new player's journey. Taught and trained on how to play the game before any training to the ranks of our order can take place.


Spy Agent: An infiltration personal who gathers intelligence from the enemy.

Chief Engineer: Lead/head designer for future official IOE ships aside from the Supreme Commander himself. Below the Rank of the Industry Headmaster.

Co-Chief Engineer: A second in command for head of engineering for when the Chief Engineer is unable to perform their duty.

Chief Engineers Assistant: A personal assistant for both Co-Chief Engineer and Chief Engineer.

Managerial Engineer: A management position to conduct construction operations who can command an entire team while working for the Chief Engineers.

Elite Engineer: A very experienced engineer with a higher rand than an engineer but does not command anyone.

Engineer: An individual who helps construct vehicles and structures.

Puppeteer: An official member who own a personal empire that has a higher standard rank than the average general under curtain circumstances but generally are used to keep another empire at peace with the faction.
Negotiator: A middleman who helps conduct business.

Ambassador: A diplomat who helps negotiate a political debate.

Fleet Admiral: An admiral who controls an entire armada and personally controls a capital ship or a command ship.

Admiral: A captain who controls a fleet of ships who can personally command a ship of a destroyer to cruiser or carrier class.

Captain: A higher official rank than a major who can personally command a ship.

Cruter: a second in command of a ship next to a captain. Same rank as a Major.

Fleet Officer: a moderate official rank same as an officer who is supposed to manage the crew of a ship.

Elite Pilot: an individual who is a skilled pilot who can be sent on special operations or can be assigned as a squad leader of other pilots. Usually Soldiers, rarely Officers.

Pilot: an individual who pilots a small spacecraft. Usually Soldiers.

Recruitment Officer: A high ranking official who focuses on to hire/ recruit new members into the IOE.

Recruitment Trainer: A high ranking official who knows the ins and outs of all IOE rules, designations, laws, lore, and ranks of positions and pass it along to teach rookies on all spectrums and must test each member what they can remember and after 2 tests will determine their fate in the ranks of the empire. 2-3 day session. if the person fails, will automatically be moved to the rank of a soldier until they prove to be more capable than they are now.

Librarian: An individual dedicated to understanding the lore of his/her own faction and if ever needed, will educate anyone about it.

Banker: A member of conduct who works for the economic headmaster who can arrange and bank for the economic headmaster except for the funding of other branches.

Leading Conductor: An individual who leads a political party within the political council.

Member of Conduct: An individual who is part of the political council who conducts political debates/issues or help propose new laws.

The 7 Headmasters

Supreme Commander: Ruler of the entire empire and will always be obeyed unless asked for an opinion or. Unless has gone too radical in which must be overruled.

Military: Leads the primary military forces of the IOE marines, army, navy, armada, defense grid system, logistics system, black steel brigade and the classified forces although can have a military police, usually ends up leaving it to the police branch.

Economics: Can conduct economical business, runs and protects the IOE bank and can distribute the finance to any branch.

Science: Must figure out new ideas for every generation the IOE goes through to improve it's standards.

Industry: The top boss of engineering, second to the Supreme Commander who can design new official designs of any IOE vehicle/structure coordinated with the Science Headmaster.

Politics: The best ambassador for any and all diplomatic situations that considers all odds and watched out for the best and worst outcomes to any political dealings of diplomacy.

Trade: As part of a economic powerhouse, must coordinate with the Economics Headmaster in order to conduct trade deals for new profit or special deals to enhance the military position. Must coordinate with the Political Headmaster in order to conduct a diplomatic trade.

Political Structure

Within the overall government of the Iron Order Empire, 1000 members of conduct lead the populations overall political decisions that can alter/change or improve the IOE government. Knowing this, the government is split into the 3 branches and the political party system.

Political Council: The Council led by 500 members of conduct is the branch that makes laws, justifies changes, attend assembly's for political choices such as diplomacy, trade, economics, health, borders, law enforcement, schooling, rights, technology and entertainment. The system is based on majority of 55% to pass or it would make the other side lose or if inconclusive, then moves it on to pending until it is reached with a consensus or eventually figure out about it.

Headmaster Tribunal: 150 members of conduct undergo radically careful decisions based on a 70% majority. These members are led by the 7 Headmasters in a sense that each Headmaster has 21 members of conduct with the 3 extra being experienced members of conduct who can be trusted the most which can participate in all assembly's of the Headmaster Tribunals.

Justice Department: The Justice Department conducts legal forms of punishment to the military decisions of the nation. The justice of punishing criminals are of consistently fair trials led by 100 members of conduct. The Trials of Error conducts the court martial trials of any extremely loyal members or military personnel of the empire led by 150 members of conduct. The military decisions are of suggested statistical value in which the real high ranks of military personnel make the final decisions.

Trials of Error

Trial of Reasoning: A trial of 25 members of conduct whom will decide if the specific disobedience is acceptable or up to debate.

Trial of Debate: A trial of 50 members of conduct debating if the disobedience should have the member leave the empire, demote the member, promote the member or court martial the member.

Court Martial Trial: A trial of 75 members of conduct debating if the individual will be getting a last chance of a pass or the member will be imprisoned, turned over as a traitor and exiled, execute if the member ever returns to the empire without a proper reason to return.

Political Parties

The political parties are of organized political groups that shape the overall ideology in which all of these groups are formed by members of conduct or more specifically the leading conductor. These parties are able to influence the public to their views and their ideals in which the party is capable of affecting the entire empire itself with the exception of the Supreme Commander. The parties will have their own rule and system and when necessary the leader of that political party with the most influence will lead the empire when the conditions are met.


Business Companies:

Business Organizations that are formed for the markets of the IOE currency and set functions for general businesses.

MC - Mine.Co - yellow

A mining company

M - Millitaro - red

A Military sales and equipment company

CC - Carg.Co - orange

A cargo company intended on delivering cargo or selling cargo ships.

RC - Rep.Co - red/orange

A repair company for all vehicles

SC - Sci.Co - blue

A scientific exploration company

CC - Civ.Co - green light grey

A civil company for all civilian needs ranging from cars to ships and habitat stations.

MC - Med.Co - white/red

A medical company for the intent on helping others in need.

BC - Buil.Co - Brown

A construction company to build all IOE needs

TC - Trans.Co - Green dark grey

A transportation company intended to transport people to their destination or sell vehicle transportation.

SC - Salv.Co - purple

A salvage company intended to reuse old parts to prefabricate new vehicles or older antiques. Occasionally will sell materials to the government for profit.

Custom Companies


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Order of Leadership

1. Supreme Commander

2. Any commanders that are to take command in order.

3. The 7 Headmasters from Supreme Commander to Military Headmaster to Political Headmaster to Industrial Headmaster to Science Headmaster to Economics Headmaster to Trade Headmaster.

4. Head Political Party Figure.

5. The members of conduct then proceed as a democracy until a new leader is elected.


Supreme Commander: Any

Commander: White

General: Black

Major: Dark Red

Officer: Dark Grey

Soldier: Red

Rookie: Grey

Kinder-Rook: Dark Yellow

IOE Generations


The original society of which the IOE was formed during their time in the revolution. Tech is based on stolen Dentoron equipment and rugged first steps into making any sophisticated equipment.


The official military grade technology based on the greatest minds of the IOE, making anything work in hopes it can be enough to combat other empires. Not very refined or powerful.


The improved technology from 1st gen and after the fighter mk2, based on all technology on that from that point on. Highly advanced and by the time the IOE had ended the war, sophisticated technology became very apparent and high quality standards are set with a full proper government as well as the beginning of 3rd gen tech.


After obtaining an ancient relic, secrets had been uncovered that enables mech, hover and transforming technology. Ships can be transformed from a cruise mode to a battle mode, hover tanks are made and mechs are in their beginning stages.


Due to higher quality standards, both mechs and ships are to be designed to have complex transformations to a point of having mechs transform into ships and ships transform into different battle modes as well as a possible mech mode.


All of IOE tech advancements are put to a stop as all form of experimental work will be completed and only variants of different models can be put into place with past sophisticated technology. All areas will have been explored and only then will the IOE be at it's strongest. Until new updates of course.

Universe Factions/Companies

List of Factions

IOE- Iron Order Empire

GSE- Grand Singularity Empire

VE- Valaden Empire

OO- Onix Order

D- Dentorons

XE- Xenophia Empire

VE- Veticon Empire

List of Companies

MC- Mine.Co

M- Militaro

CC- Carg.Co

RC- Rep.Co

SC- Sci.Co

CC- Civ.Co





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