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Azimuth Remastered Road Map

This is the road map and list of current and future blocks/items for the Azimuth Remastered Mod

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Azimuth Remastered

Azimuth Remastered
A Workshop Item for Space Engineers
By: SEModder4™
Azimuth Remastered Pack -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
=>Construction Models are DX-11 Ready.
=>Works with the Space Engineers Block Skin System.

Hi I'm Sparky! I'm the modeller for the Azimuth Remastered mod. SEModder is the bug tester, Icon converter, the categories) and handles the technical side, like making stuff work for xbox and G-Menu stuff, ect.

The Azimuth mod was originally created by TumbleTV and we have offered TumbleTV a contributor spot, though TumbleTV may have moved on from the modding scene as SEModder has taken over alot of Tumbles Mods(Including the Azimuth Mod!)

The Azimuth remastered mod is compatible along side the original mod- So this means you can keep/use the original Azimuth Mod without the Azimuth Remastered interfering!

This is going to be a very big project and will take a long time to fully complete. There will be times where I'll need to take a break from modelling whether that's to avoid burning out or to take a rest after alot of work or to think of new designs.

The Azimuth Remastered Mod is a complete overhaul of the original Azimuth mod with new and updated models with LODs and proper construction models and straight up new additions- Like the gatling turrets and new designs for large ship variants.

Me and SEModder will keep this road map and list updated in the coming updates and we both thank you for subscribing to our mod! we really appreciate it.

If you find any issues, problems, bugs or questions please feel free to let us know and we'll address them as soon as possible. If you would like to help by giving ideas or requests/suggestion or would like to follow the progress of the Azimuth Remastered Mod, please tick the "subscribe to thread" box

Current Blocks

This section will cover ALL the current blocks/Items thats in the current version of the Azimuth remastered mod.


Small Ship
Short Gatling Barrel
Long Gatling Barrel
Micro Gatling Turret
Small Gatling Turret

Large Ship
Short Gatling Barrel
Long Gatling Barrel
Gatling Turret


Small Ship- Cargo
Half Cargo container (community request)
Small Cargo Container
Medium Cargo Container

Large Ship- Cargo
Cargo Container
"Medium" Cargo Container

Small Ship- Hydrogen
Small Cargo Container
Medium Cargo Container

Large Ship- Hydrogen
Hydrogen Container
"Medium" Hydrogen Container

Future Plans

This is a list of future(short term) plans that have still to be decided on which update they'll be released on. This will be subjected to change as updates come out.

Update 5:

Fusion reactors

Weapon Core:

So it's been said that weapon core will be released as a separate version AFTER all the remastering is complete. The reason for this is that SEModder has a surprise and a few plans. With that said- We all know that this wont happen for a long time as the Azimuth pack includes LOTS! of blocks.

As for the current weapons- I have been working with weapon core and have the micro and small turret tested with it and there's a few stuff I'm not exactly happy with and not quite sure how to go about fixing(yet) and I'm thinking about releasing a beta weapon core after update 5

Future Projects:

Interior turret
Oxygen containers
Azimuth logo
Cockpit seats
Ore detector
Gemini turrets(I actually have a missile truck design)
Fix the damage outputs for weapons(community request)

Fun Fact:

Sparky is bad at balance and would require help!
I'm trying to follow the original blueprint components from the original mod, but as many of you have pointed out that things are too cheap or don't add up properly so that's on tumble tv!

Update 1

The update section will include the change logs of all the updates and a little info about them.

Update 1 added the first release of the gatling guns and turrets.


Long Gatling Barrel(Small+Large Ship)
Short Gatling Barrel(Small+Large Ship)
Micro Gatling Turret(Small Ship)
Small Gatling Turret(Small Ship)
Large Gatling Turret(Large Ship)

Fun fact:

The micro wasn't planned- It was supposed to be the small ship gatling turret and I knew this was going to be small, but not THAT small. Instead of scrapping it, I decided to keep it. This is also a small nod to my planned future mod "The Micro Mod" which adds micro blocks to small ships and a few large ships. This includes a CCTV camera, 1x2x1 hydrogen tank, 1x2x1 Laser antenna and a few more. I was working on this before I started doing the gatling guns. After starting the gatling guns, I started showing screenshots of the small ship long barrel gatling gun.

Update 2

Container Update


Small Cargo container (Small Ship)
Small Hydrogen container (Small Ship)
Block categories


LOD1 issues with the turret barrels due to graphic settings being set on low/medium
LODs not being registered due to wrong directory


New LOD1 models for all weapons
Converted icons to DDS

Fun fact:

The "Azimuth Remastered" was originally going to be called "Azimuth Reboot" and last minute decisions we decided on Azimuth Remastered which may have caused the LOD issues as the model data was looking in "Azimuth Reboot" for the LODs instead of Aziumuth Remastered.

Update 3

Container Update part 2:
Full Construction and LOD and Construction LOD Overhaul


Small Cargo container Variant 2 (Small Ship)
Small Cargo container Variant 2 (Small Ship)
Medium Cargo container (Small Ship)
Medium Hydrogen container (Small Ship)


Small cargo container LOD1 model missing its texture for unknown reasons
Missing assembler blueprints for medium containers
Flickering on the cargo and hydrogen tank rings
Inverted normal faces between the rings of the cargo and hydrogen tank

Gaps in the gatling+turret barrel models
Gaps in the gatling+turret barrel Construction models
Invisible faces in the Construction models
Textures that made skins on the gatling spinners look horrible
* "Lunchbox" Ammo box being shrunken(this apparently hasn't been fixed)


LOD1 Construction models for all gatlings and turrets
New Construction and LOD1 Construction models for the Cargo Containers
New Construction and LOD1 Construction models for the Hydrogen Containers
Made the gatling+turret barrels deeper and aligned them properly

Fun fact:

This update was supposed to include the large ship container tanks, but due to a few model mistakes and a missing texture on the cargo container (Pointed out by Ranos) and lack of design ideas for the large ship containers, I didn't want to keep these issues lingering out for long, while I came up with design ideas for the large ship containers, so I delayed the large ship containers for update 4 and moved the fusion reactors for update 5
I added the variant 2 containers to compensate for the delay

Update 3 was released to Xbox by SEModder

Update 4

Container Update part 3:
Large ship cargo and hydrogen containers! (FINALLY!)


Half sized Cargo container (Small Ship)
Cargo container (Large Ship)
Hydrogen container (Large Ship)
"Medium" Cargo container (Large Ship)
"Medium" Hydrogen container (Large Ship)
Turrets to block weapons category


Shrunken Lunchbox (THIS TIME)
Stretched skins on all hydrogen tanks
LODs on the "Lunch box" not showing up


Raised the component needed for all small cargo storage tanks
Raised the component needed for the "Lunch box"
Slowed down the production time for the "Lunch box"
New folder construction for containers

Fun fact:

I had to take a break during this update to avoid burning out and used the time to think up new designs for the 2 new large ship containers.

The half sized small container was a community request to have a 16,000L version because some people thought 32,000L was too much while others thought it was better

The reason the huge containers are called "Medium" was to avoid calling them Large ship Large container

I had plans to re-balance the weapons, but this would of delayed update 4(again) and I really wanted this out before Christmas. I'd like to thank DR.W for getting the damage stats on all the guns.

Update 5

Power update:
Fusion reactors and weapon balance


Coming in 2021


Coming in 2021


Coming in 2021

Fun fact:

Coming in 2021


Commonly asked questions

Q: What ammo does that gatling use?
A: Toaster waffles! (it says on the box XD)

Q: When is weapon core coming out?
A: SOon!

Q: will this break my ships\saves?
A: No, but the gatlings certainly will ;) Seriously though, You can still use this along side with the Azimuth Mod and still have the old models. The Azimuth Remastered will have NEW IDs so nothing will be replaced:

Q: Will you add [X] from the Azimuth Mod?
A: We'll remaster everything from the Azimuth Mod
(send help, why did i agree to this!) :D

Xbox Specific Question:
Q: How do I load it?
A: After subscribing to any mod/mods
1: Go go the main menu
2: Press "Load Game"
3: Select the world/save/game you want to load
4: Press "Edit Settings"
5: Select "Mods"
6: Find the mod you're looking for and move it to "Active Mods" either by double tapping or highlighting the mod and prssing the ">" Activate Mod Button.


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