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Grym's Better Vanilla Solar System for Space Engineers

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Published by SireTym (mod ID: 1741052)



This is a mineral rich solar system, where the ores have higher yield rates and trace minerals are everywhere.

Spawned asteroids are larger. (Use seed "2" to have your spawn density work properly.)

The vanilla EarthLike, Alien, and Mars planets all have highly oxygenated atmospheres that are denser than normal. Their gravities are lower and the changes in topography have been reduced.

The maximum speed has ben increased slightly.

The skybox has been adjusted slightly.

(If you like using rovers make planet diameters 120km, otherwise I recommend 70 km.)

(Now includes the moon.)




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TrickyDickyJr @trickydickyjr

Can you make a mod with the ore yields at normal rate?