Space Engineers

GreenCorp. Volant Class Frigate for Space Engineers

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Published by HALOFAN1977 (mod ID: 88579)



The Volant Class Frigate is heavily armoured frigate designed for planetary defence mainly against fighters and small fleet ships

~ Survival Ready!

~ Atmospheric & space capable




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NeuroSplash @yann-journeaux

Very beautiful ship, I don't know why I had not tested it before but when I visit it it reminds me of my Atarax, I could very well have been inspired by it !
This ship is very well designed, it is simple, elegant and aggressive at the same time, the interior is very well thought out, perfectly calibrated for real survival or even PVP with a good touch of roleplay.

CyberDemon3108 @cyberdemon3108

See i spawned it in and made it better and i finished it, plys i had 8 jump drives that go over 12,000.000 km, and i try to fly it and it doesn't move, i hate this bug but now im going to see if i can fix it

VenomousViper59 @venomousviper59

This ship is awesome and i love it its perfect for one person or multiple people i slightly changed some of it up so it includes a hangar for a small ship and mixed heavy and light armor and included a refinery and assembler