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'Goose' Miner Transport Truck - Vanilla for Space Engineers

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This is the Goose, a semi-trailer and truck that was built in my survival series, I then took it into creative mode to add a few extra finishing touches including cleaning up the hotbars and adding some reactors to the trailer.

Due to limitations in the way that projectors work - they can't project subgrids - building this from blueprint in survival will not be easy. You will need a separate blueprint for both the truck and trailer and will need to build the hitch mechanism yourself. Even with this limitation hopefully being able to explore how this was built will be some fun :)




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Th3Undying @th3undying

So I literally just uploaded this and started testing it out. It's great, but for whatever reason xbox wants to mess with me. I wanted to let you know I actually had to fiddle with some settings on the hitch itself to ensure it worked properly, and mess with the trailer wheels to get it to move. I noticed the console version doesn't use timer blocks, which is fine. Just wanted to let you know that some of the names and settings make the hitch not wanna play too nice as of Jan 10, 2021. Otherwise, this is absolutely amazing and I'm happy to finally have the GOOSE on console. Thank you so much!

FoxManDooDudeup @foxmandoodudeup

Tried it on my xbox survival save works fantastically. though the hot bar doesn't work well for blueprint grids on xbox yet. I loved the solution to long haul resources.

Jackflaps1586983677 @jackflaps1586983677

Hi splitsie, thank you for uploading it :) will come in very useful in my game. keep up the good work on utube, really enjoying it

Splitsie @splitsie

It's all fixed now - just pasted it in my own game. I'd messed up the way that the files needed to be archived for upload here. Should be good to slowly work through some of my other blueprints in the future :)

DarklingFang @darklingfang

Would you do a video on how to set everything up to bring blueprints from steam? That would bee amazing help. And thank you for getting that figured out

Splitsie @splitsie

After figuring it out yesterday I was thinking I would :)

It might not be too soon as I'm working on some airtightness ones first and I'd like to take the time to find out what breaks the system as well as how to get it to work for a proper tutorial

I also need to work out if there's an image format that allows the thumbnail to show up in the blueprint screen in game as I didn't see any in there from some of the other ones I'd tested either

BeniStingray @benistingray

Not sure if thats helpfull for you but i make my own thumbnails on pc for my Xbox builds and i use *.png file formats in the size 960*540 and they show up when i load the blueprint on xbox.
Love your video btw, very helpfull and entertaining ;)

Alterae @alterae

That is a video I would watch.

Splitsie @splitsie

It's showing up in my blueprints list now, but I still can't paste it, I'll keep working on why that might be

Frostbite is all Keen's creation not mine so I won't be posting any of that.

FervantCandle87 @fervantcandle87

Thank you Splitsie I really love the design of the goose and I loved the videos thank you for sharing it with us.

DarklingFang @darklingfang

Also, would you be willing to post some of the frostbite stuff up cuz that would be awesome. Thank you for all the work you have done already splitsie!!! Love your videos

DarklingFang @darklingfang

I am not able to find the goose in my blueprints once I subscribe to it. And I Love this building. The fact that I need to do some work to get it into my friends servival is worth it. Thank you.

Splitsie @splitsie

All fixed now, I'd messed up the upload but it just pasted in my own game

Splitsie @splitsie

I hope I did the things correctly, let me know if you have any troubles with it