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Galaxy Dreadnought for Space Engineers

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Enterprise NCC-1701-D (Galaxy X Dreadnought class)

This is our take on the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D (Galaxy X Dreadnought class)
as seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation "All Good Things"

Survival Ready
- Grid Size: Large
- Subgrids: Warp core, Torpedo, Holodeck projector, Phaser Cannon, Phaser Lance
- PCU: 94,061
- Block Count: 48,176 Note
- These values are for the Showcase version on the ship with the Holodeck, Torpedo, and Warp core subgrids if playing in survival this can easily be converted to under 80k
- There is also a variant available in the Low PCU empty hull collection ready to be modded.

Custom Photon TorpedoesUsing Whip's LAMP script


BuildInfo to see in-game controls
[1] Torpedo - Timer Block to turn on the Projector and Welder
[4] Torpedo - Fire (You need a target lock first)
[7] Torpedo - Remote Fire
[8] Torpedo - Lock Switch
[9] Torpedo - Mode Switch Note - You need a target lock before you can fire

Notes- Modded Star Trek weapons are recommend, the Interior Turrets are place holders for the vanilla build
- Custom Photon Torpedo using Whip's LAMP script can be controlled from both Tactical stations and from Helm.
- Subgrids and Scripts are not necessary for operation if printed in survival or playing on XBOX
- Plenty of expansion room for additional jump drives, additional systems and rooms.
- Refuel connector is located at the bottom middle of the secondary hull

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OddDaniel123660 @odddaniel123660

Something that i dont like about your ships is that every time i try to spawn them in my server it crashes the game, but when i spawn them in a world it it loads perfectly fine apart from a few less frames plus ite not my xbox cuz i have a series x and good wifi

ZEOCMF @zeocmf

This is one of the largest ships in the fleet at 90k pcu, allot more than most of my other ships.

I also have a reduced pcu version you can download and modify for your server.

Link here-

OddDaniel123660 @odddaniel123660

Hmm yes well i wish i could get them but im not on pc and steamcommunity does not work for xbox

ZEOCMF @zeocmf

darnit that's right.