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Flydro 2.0 for Space Engineers

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Published by Ch3mast3r (mod ID: 137931)


The Flydro 2.0 is the second variant of a concept of a small ship with a large hydrogen tank which is capable of landing on a verticle connector.

Once connected you can set the Flydro tank to stockpile On,

This is how to quicly fill the Flydro from your stockpile of hydrogen.

Make sure the tanks which you are draining from are set to stockpile off,


Flydro Batteries recharge On/Off

Flydro Landing gear Unlock

When setting up the tank to Rotate clockwise .

Set Advanced Rotor 1 to +1 Velosity, set Advanced Rotor 2 to -1 Velosity.

There is no magnetic strength on the connector to make for easier take off.

When decending make sure to decend slowly as the Large hydrogen Tank is heavy to land.

it has been built using only light armour blocks so can be damaged easily.

You will need the DLC with the Advanced Cockpit on it to work this ship.

Have fun with my Mod Upload





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Ch3mast3r @ch3mast3r

The Flydro 2.0 has a flaw.
One of the engines is not facing anti clockwise which can affect the handling. I have released Flydro 2.1 with the engine orientated correctly