Space Engineers

FEN 107 Saorise Corvette for Space Engineers

Released . Ranked 968 of 47,787 with 36 (1 today) downloads

Published by FenianKnight (mod ID: 694771)


55084 Pcu The Saorise Corvette Carrier Can travel across vast distances and make multiple Planetary landings while carrying numerous Ships and Rovers. The Saorise has multiple weapon Hardpoints to support and Defend itself from Hostiles. Saorise is Survival Ready, Hydrogen Reliant with minor Ion Propultion. Includes Medical Facility, Refinery and production. Ship has room for multiple additional Systems or rooms. Conveyor System can reroute in case of battle damage. Includes repair system for Port and Starboard Missile Turrets. Would like to add more but trying to cut pcu

This is a re upload of my Fen Corvette Updated with Tweaks. Lost the original local BP due to replacement error to fix some things.

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