Space Engineers

ICP - Farragut Strike Cruiser for Space Engineers

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Published by COMMANDOBOYS (mod ID: 132540)



The Farragut Strike Cruiser is what you get when you need a single ship to do any job, it has a hanger at the bottom front for fighters or orbital drop pods, it has enough weapons to take on larger ships, while it does lack some armour this ship relies on its speed, it is also quite manoeuvrable for its size, this together with my Kronos Heavy Battleship and Olympus Dreadnought (both available to download just look at my profile) are the perfect capital ship response to any threat

Thank you to ODSTConway for the modified drop pod designs

This ship is not capable to atmospheric flight

This ship was designed and built for the ICP, if you are interested in joining click this link

Thank you to FlareEK for the thumbnail design






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